Headphones Go Boom on Airplane

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We have a lot of devices nowadays that need power. Portable power. Ever since the first batteries in the 1800s, humanity’s need for portable power storage has increased dramatically. Nowadays, we’re even reaching a point where batteries are not able to keep up with the demand of many of today’s tech (ever noticed how fast your smartphone’s battery drains while, say, playing Pokemon Go?). But for now, we have a decent battery tech – lithium ion batteries.

It’s beyond the scope of this bit post to go into the technical details, (check the above-embedded video from ThioJoe for more on those) but these batteries tend to have a lot of power in a small package. Therefore, it is imperative that the manufacturing quality be kept near a perfect ten. And, generally (once again, refer to the video), with the big-name brands and their quality control, it is.

Unfortunately, there is a pandemic of cheap crap (mainly originating from no-name Chinese companies) being sold at below-the-bargain-basement prices to people who aren’t savvy enough to make sure they’re getting a quality product. Hell, it’s better to buy a used, maybe somewhat older name-brand – say, phone, or pair of wireless headphones – than it is to get a new knockoff. But, a lot of people buy this garbage… and most often, when you hear about exploding devices/batteries or devices just not acting up to par/failing early, they are in the “cheap crap” category. It’s not worth the wasted money, environmental toll, or the health hazards. Go quality.

A Critical Juncture

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With the imminent launch of Radio Cybersyn 2.1, it’s the perfect time to have a talk with everyone in my life presently, as well as to everyone and no one in particular.


Anyone who’s in my life and/or has bothered reading my bio and the knows that my life experience so far has been defined by being relegated to the rock bottom of society; being an outcast. Denied family, denied opportunity, denied prosperity, denied dignity… overall, denied life itself. After all, just because one exists as an entity does not mean that one is ‘living’. I have, indeed, existed for quite a while – this July 18, it will be a quarter of a century.


Of course, anyone who is a quality human being – who is opposed to the concept of and the system of neofeudalism that placed me where I am – realizes that what I’ve been put through is complete B.S. and is reprehensible. Civilized peoples acknowledge the fact that all sapient beings have fundamental rights – from the right to meaningful employment to the right to ‘family’/community to the right to physical mobility and beyond. The right to the ingredients necessary for a life that is worth living. And the Grove is all about civilization.

I’m a fighter. I’m someone to not passively accept being relegated to the rock bottom of society. I’m not taking this sitting down. I have resisted this mess from the get go, and I am consistently doing so today. I won’t ever stop. The Grove is the apex of this resistance.

I recently put up a GoFundMe campaign for the Grove that, together with the Codex here on the site, and the content on the rest of the site and our other outlets, sums up what we’re all about nicely. Be sure to check the aforementioned out. And here is, unabridged, the full text of the Stormy Grove Nation’s GoFundMe campaign page:



The Situation

Look around. No, not just around the room/area you’re in – though you certainly want to do that, especially if you’re currently in public.

No, look around at American, and world, society today. Really have a deep, meaningful scan of it – then do some thinking, from a rational person’s point of view.

I’ll wait a bit.

…Alrighty, so we have both realized the truth. We have a new twist on an old chestnut – feudalism – and it’s taken the world by storm. Let’s call it “neo-feudalism”.

Civilization has a hard definition, and is, indeed, a quantifiable concept. It’s built on individuals and their families/groups uniting to form a society – a collective – bigger than themselves; choosing to see both their own group and their entire society as family. An entity made possible by and powered by co-operation and a “we” mentality that creates a healthy, sustainable, prosperous environment where everyone is included, has what they need for fulfilling/meaningful/productive lives, moves firmly in a forward direction, where everyone does their part to build and sustain, and where ostracism and denigration are reserved for those who have shown themselves actually worthy of such.

But, the thing about it is, such real civilization has room for everyone to be rationally prosperous, and for everyone to have equal rights and opportunity; for income inequality to be low and for the borders between sub-societies to be like chain-link fencing with unlocked gates present rather than foreboding brick walls surrounded with barbed wire. There’s no room for an elite of any form to form a cabal and gain an unfair upper hand; no room for people to see those outside of their ‘cliques’ as meaningless ‘strangers’. There’s no room for McMansions; for people lacking utility reasons to nonetheless be driving Hummers and Tahoes. There’s no room for”There’s me and my boys/girls/homies/fam and that’s all that matters”.

Unfortunately, most people have decided that civilization is not really their thing. Greed, tribalism, and selfishness are pandemics. Therefore, we have ended up with a society that is the polar opposite of civilization; one that includes all of the negative elements present in the previous paragraph and more.

How we got here is both surprisingly simple and thoroughly disgusting.

There are several steps that lead, and indeed have led, to neo-feudalist societies.

It starts with a pandemic of, as mentioned above, greed, tribalism, and selfishness. Every society has a limits on how much social and economic wealth, in any form, exists inside of it. There are lower, softer limits that can be permeated through advancement in the sciences, but there is always a hard limit that simply cannot be breached.

In a civilized, sustainable society, everyone has the basics that they, as sapient beings, have a right to. Sure, there’s going to be some who have more than others, but that ‘more’ is never excessively so.

But for those who are of a selfish mindset, this rational prosperity is not enough. They want more. They want as much as they can get, by Jove!

So, in comes the plan: take the concept of “majority rule” found in the concepts of democracy and republicanism, and use them to a nefarious end: as a solid majority of the population, unite into a ‘bloc of elites’. Designate the remainder of the population as an underclass, with a subset of said underclass being straight-up ‘untouchables’ who get almost totally left out. For further effect, propagandize the underclass to turn against each other, to prevent a ‘united underclass’ situation.

What this means is a system where a privileged majority – those with prosperity or the opportunity to see their ability to get prosperity in life succeed – has suppressed the rest, relegating them to lives of loneliness, lack of prosperity, lack of opportunity, and overall having empty lives. After all, sapience means needing certain things. Being in the underclass means having those needs kept from you.

An especially nefarious element of this situation is that this elite-underclass system is completely arbitrary. It does not follow gender, race, sexual, ethnic, geographical, cultural, or any other similar sorts of lines. Therefore, it is a hard ‘target’ to ‘lock onto’; it flies ‘under the radar’ of even the most ardent pro-justice/pro-civilization entities out there.

“But, how can there be a designated underclass?”, you might be asking. “Can’t they simply work hard to get themselves out of their situations; overcome the societal situation?”

Well, grasshopper, you make a very good inquiry. Unfortunately, the answer is “no, we can’t”. Remember how I mentioned how, in any society, there’s limits on how much social and economic prosperity exist? Well, think of a giant pie. In civilization, everyone has, at the minimum, an adequate slice of pie. Some slices are bigger, but they’re all rationally sized. In neo-feudalism, a majority of people have taken all of the pie. They have massive slices, while the rest have no slices.

It’s not like those in the underclass can get slices; those are all gone! We may be able to nibble on a few crumbs, but that’s about it. There’s no magically making more pie appear.

After this system is in place, after the underclass has been designated and ‘walled in’, then comes the “shift the blame game”. Despite the fact there are no slices left for us, the elite majority has taken control of the narrative and perpetuated a false series of memes that falsely shift the blame to us.

You see, the underclass… we have worked hard, and do work hard, just like those not relegated to this ‘caste’. In fact, we have even more so, because when one’s efforts to get a life worth living after being relegated to said underclass are actively sabotaged, one has no choice but to either keep working, or give up and remove oneself from this mortal coil – mentally or physically. Sitting on our butts is not an option. Anyone who pays attention knows this fact. They see us busting our asses, but getting nowhere.

This false narrative has created an environment where, when the system is spoken out against, the replies from the arbiters of the system – the elite majority – have the common refrain, “well, if you work hard, you’ll get out of there! the fact you’re stuck there means you are being lazy and just asking for handouts!”

Indeed, in civilization, hard work always pays off. But in neofeudalism, hard work is sabotaged if you’re not part of the elite.

“I have this great life because I worked hard for it! Stop asking for handouts and pity and just work!”

And so long as your life is great without being in excess, great! I’m proud that you are fortunate and lucky enough for your hard work to have paid off! I mean, it’s truly sad that we’ve ended up where we’ve ended up… but the fact of the matter is, that’s what inevitably happens when a society values competition rather than cooperation.

The Solution

People on both sides of the the ‘Great Caste Divide’ standing above the fray and choosing to be civilized thinkers and govern themselves accordingly. To unite.

To realize that for all the talk there is about people “and their families” nowadays, people seem to forget that there’s a large number of people who don’t have families. I’m included in that demographic. Who’s talking about us and opening their lives – their families – to us? Next to no one. It’s time for there to be a society, an organization, a project that stands as one big family for people who lack such in their lives, and for those who have family but still wanna be a part of a pro-civilization coalition of communities.

Unfortunately, there currently exists no united society to stand against this mess. There are many people flapping their gums, claiming they stand against the system, claiming they are pro-civilization… but most really don’t; they’re putting on a front. A high-level example is the U.S. Democratic Party.

There do exist entities that are real and serious, but they are too small and disparate to make much of any kind of real impact.

The Grove

This is where The Stormy Grove comes into the picture.

Think of the Grove as a society. One made up of smaller communities that, as stated earlier, have united under one ‘tent’. It aims to be a beacon of civilization, an island of welcoming, in an uncivilized world. To be a place for those on either side of the ‘divide’ who are enlightened to reality. To broadcast the message that those of us relegated to the underclass and our allies are demanding the ‘better’ –  the civilization – that we deserve. To show the neofeudalist system that we’re united in standing against this mess. To show that we’re dedicated to standing for real civilization in general, with no hesitation.

In the online and physical realms and beyond, the Grove’s presence fills a sorely-in-need void.

Like any society, the Grove is made up of elements, both present already and in-my-vision. Our website. Our Discord server. Our Google+ and Twitter outlets. Our YouTube channel. Our overall community/media ‘network’, Project Cybersyn, and more.

The Grove is a place that epitomizes ‘unity in diversity’. Everyone who’s anyone is intellectually curious and engages in classy hobbies and interests. Within the Grove, my vision is to see different groups – “corps”, if you will – centered around hobbies and interests – as well as other elements like geographical/political entities.

Frankly, the only way to effectively resist neofeudalism is for all civilization thinkers to unite. Period. This is the only way to blow holes in the foundation of neo-feudalism. In a nutshell, it’s an organization made by, for, and of pro-civilization types; from both the underclass, as well as those not in the underclass who have chosen to rise above the fray.

For more details, go and check out our website: http://stormygrove.net!

The Bottom Line

The Grove, in order to succeed, can’t just be a small barely-a-blip on the radar with one person at the helm. It must have support in order to succeed. After all, it is a society project, and a man is not an island – especially when it comes to an undertaking as big as this one. There’s gotta be community-building, dosh-flow for operating and expansion costs, and more!

With a project like the Grove on the scene, not only do people in the underclass who need that family-style in life and a community-fueled boost to a life worth living benefit, but everyone does – thanks to the positive effects pro-civilization actions have. I mean, really – think for a moment just how much crime happens because of people with neo-feudalist attitudes not caring what they do to people they consider an “other”, and because people relegated to the underclass have to resort to such activity in order to survive. And that’s just one example!

The biggest positive action you can take is to join the Grove project. No absurd rituals or hazing, simply a commitment to the cause! You can find more information on our site.

The Grove also needs financial support to build and do our thing. That’s why we’re here on GoFundMe! 🙂 If you have the ability, please see to it that you support this awesome, necessary endeavor. You can do so right here on GoFundMe, or through the other means, such as Patreon or Flattr, that you can find more information on on our website.

Aside from monetary contributions, physical items such as clothing, electronics, bicycles, and motorbikes also go a long way towards helping this operation keep chugging along. And, of course, any community needs volunteers from its ranks, as well. Whether it be helping run the Grove’s social media outlets, filling a time slot on the radio side, writing for the blog, or simply choosing to affiliate with/’rep’ the Grove on your own YouTube channel/website/whatever… every task plays a vital role. Where can you find your road map? Sure enough – on the site! :3



Contributing to this effort, this cause, can come in many forms. Of course, there’s the conventional way, which can happen through the Venmo, Patreon, Flattr, and/or GoFundMe links in the sidebars. But there’s other ways, too. Physical items such as clothing, electronics, bicycles, and motorbikes also go a long way towards helping this operation keep chugging along. And, of course, any community needs volunteers from its ranks, as well. Whether it be helping run the Grove’s social media outlets, filling a time slot on the radio side, writing for the blog, or simply choosing to affiliate with/’rep’ the Grove on your own YouTube channel/website/whatever… every part plays a vital role. This is a community, something that’s about “we”, rather than just a “one man” operation.

Words can’t describe how important this is to me, really, but I have, am, and will continue trying my best. In a “life” with so much in the way of voids that need filling, in need of such uplift, a “life” suppressed – that has rode me hard and put me up wet… this project is my “hail Mary” of sorts for me. I’ve had to live like this – lacking family, short of bonds, lacking real opportunity, lacking prosperity, lacking dignity and just overall lacking a real life that’s worth living – for over two decades by this point. I’m only human, and humans have certain needs. They go unfulfilled long enough, and it takes a severe toll on health – mentally and physically. This is truly my last move – aside from the fact that my energy levels will be too low for any more if this endeavor fails, there’s also the fact that this project is truly the only real pursuit I have open. It’s necessary to lift me up, to lift those in situations like mine up, and to overall be a pro-civilization force.

There’s been a few good people who have stepped into my life, who have chosen to share friendship and that family-style. There’s still a long way to go towards a full network, of course – new friends, new ‘fam’. I’m thankful for y’all who have stepped up so far, and I thank all who will choose to step up in the future. To those of y’all who have stepped up, and those of y’all who will step up… I ask that y’all try y’all’s best towards me in friendship, just as I do of myself towards y’all. If you haven’t read in the Codex yet, refer to the articles in the Codex where I discuss real friendship, especially 100% No-Bull Friendship, for elaboration. It’s all about that family-style, y’all. In order for my life to become worth living, in order for this project to succeed… a solid network of real friends is imperative. As I discuss in the Codex, friendship doesn’t have to always be the traditional idea of friendship most people have; so long as two people commit to a bond with each other, and they’re serious, that’s friendship. Let’s take the Grove as an example. This community, if (hopefully when) successful… we’re talking thousands… tens of thousands… hundreds of thousands… even perhaps millions, of participants. Obviously, knowing everyone else in the Grove on a personal level would be out of the question. But that’s not to say we can’t all be one big family – in fact, that’s one of the goals! Put the douchebaggery/neofeudalism/selfishness/etc of fraternities aside for a bit, and focus on one aspect – the fact that these people are brothers with each other, even those who a given member have not met. That member is nonetheless still brothers with said unmet.

Part of real friendship, and being a pro-civilization person, are supporting your friends’ endeavors and supporting pro-civilization endeavors, respectively. It’s about valuing all your friends as family. It’s about community spirit, it’s about love. It’s about not being part of the neo-feudalist system, not being selfish. Frankly… I have a dream – a dream of a life worth living, and a dream of a pro-civilization force that stands against the system that has relegated me and so many others to this horrid place. Please join me; let’s roll together and usher in the age of the Grove!

Tier the Peers

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One peculiar thing I have noticed is that most people seem to be fond of “ranking” their friends. As in, “these people are my ‘besties’, these others over here are pretty good, these others are ‘meh’, these are just acquaintances…” et cetera, so on and so forth. Of course, being someone relegated to the rock bottom, I often get thrown into the “fifth wheel” category by these types.

Me? I simply view all my friends as family. Period. I don’t care if I have known someone for just a day, or if I have been ‘tight’ with them for my entire time on this here mortal coil and perhaps even beyond. All of my friends are equally valuable to me, and all of them I consider like family. I refuse to partake in neofeudalist mess like “ranking”, and I expect the same – or at least something rationally similar – from the people in my life.

A Quick Truth on Friendship…

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Many people claim I’m hard to get along with, or that I’m outright a jerk. This often stems from the fact that I, as someone who is fed up after years of being excluded, crapped on, “back-burnered”, and the like, refuse to be kept on the periphery of friend groups.

It makes me shake my head to see so many so-called “adults” forming these cliques like it’s still middle school or something; acting as if it’s okay to exclude or “peripherize” based on purely arbitrary mess. It’s not, at all. Makes you immature.

If the action’s downtown, everyone needs to be welcome downtown. I ain’t gonna be sitting on a folding chair in the middle of a cornfield.

Broad Strokes: Catholic High School Administration Edition

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So, this is one of the latest things to go viral (click to enlarge):


The “Personal Responsibility”(TM) crowd has gone nuts cheering for this, and to some extent they have a point. The problem with painting all students who forget such things with such a broad brush is that a lot of innocents get covered in paint in the process.

Sure, there are a lot of slacker students: they stay up way too late on school nights doing whatever-‘n’-whathaveya, don’t bother with homework assignments, and the like. But what of students who are stressing so much from bullying that they forget simply because of that? Take it from me that if you’re dealing with a hostile environment, your brain ‘mushifies’ pretty damn quickly. What about students who have mental disabilities? Are their parents/guardians supposed to “heed the stop sign” and turn back, too?

As with laws, some exceptions must be made for the situation to remain just.

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