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North Texas’ First “Taste” of Winter Approaches…

Y'all ready, North Texas? Ready… for the apocalypse?! 🤣🌨

Temps climbing into the 60s NW/70s elsewhere by afternoon today, under cloudy skies, will give way to a drop in temperatures behind an afternoon cold front. By the time night's under way, expect temperatures to drop into the 40s with rain moving in for the overnight into the morning.

Now, for the interesting part. The cold core of the Arctic air mass behind the front will arrive while the precipitation, caused by a Pacific low, will still be in the area.

The activity will be moving NW to SE overall, by the way.

This will lead to a now-likely possibility of some sleet and even snow mixing in with the rain starting at about 3 AM for areas along & NW of a Brownwood-along US 67 to Dallas-Interstate 30 to Texarkana line, and lasting until about 10-noon or so, with a transition back to regular ol' rain until the activity clears the area by late afternoon, leaving only clouds behind (and those will clear in the evening, ushering in a night of around-freezing temps.

Late night and into the morning, the air temperatures along and NW of the aforementioned line will be in the mid-30s. This shallow area of slightly-above-freezing air will be smothered by at-&-below-freezing air higher up, causing a wintry mix.

The above-freezing surface temperatures will ensure little "sticks". Pockets of suitable freezing air MAY lead to minor "sticking" on vehicles, trees, some grass, et cetera.

The roads will be TOO WARM for "sticking", though SOME bridges and overpasses may become a tad slick. Anything that DOES "stick" will melt in the afternoon 40s.

In a nutshell, as the Hitchhiker's Guide advises, "Don't Panic!". Just govern y'all'sselves accordingly & take your freezing-weather precautions. Don't forget about pets, plants, the elderly & otherwise vulnerable, people in general, pipes, and the like.

– Corey "SHUT IT DOWN!" James

Posted by PC2 StormStalkers on Monday, December 9, 2019

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