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  • Private Wojtek’s Right to Bear Arms December 12, 2019
    Private Wojtek’s Right to Bear Arms: During World War II, tens of thousands of Polish soldiers fought to defend and recover their war-ravaged homeland. Their sacrifices are still remembered in Poland, especially the contributions of one particularly hirsute soldier. The fearless and loyal Private Wojtek traveled with the Polish Army from the mountains of Iran […]
    Erika Nesvold
  • Permission to Grow November 22, 2019
    Permission to Grow: Beards have been banned in a number of military forces in history, from Qing Dynasty China to the modern-day Indian Army (apart from Sikhs). However certain countries allow soldiers to wear beards as long as they receive authorization from a commanding officer. In the UK’s Royal Navy, for instance, the traditional formula […]
    Alan Bellows
  • Dead Reckoning September 12, 2019
    Dead Reckoning: This story is assembled from contemporaneous first-person accounts. As such, quotations contain some antiquated spellings, grammar, and phrasing. In the Earth’s extreme southern latitudes, where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet, there is a rocky gap of sea between Antarctica and South America known as the Drake Passage. Among 18th century seafarers, this […]
    Alan Bellows
  • The Eponymous Mr. Ponzi September 2, 2019
    The Eponymous Mr. Ponzi: Nobody knows who did it first. Swindlers have been pulling off the scam for centuries, paying existing investors with the deposits of new ones to create the illusion of an incredibly profitable investment opportunity. Before 1920, it was known as “robbing Peter to pay Paul” or “the Peter-to-Paul scheme.” For example, […]
    Michael Durbin
  • The Most Modern of Modern Sports April 15, 2019
    The Most Modern of Modern Sports: When the Admiral Van Heenshirt docked in England in 1936, she held more than one surprise for the men who unloaded her cargo. Exotic produce and spices were common aboard the merchant ship, which had traded between East Africa and England for close to a hundred years, but live […]
    Jennifer Lee Noonan
  • A Pregnant Pause March 29, 2019
    A Pregnant Pause: In January of 1963, husband and wife George and Charlotte Blonsky submitted a patent application for a revolutionary invention. George, a mining engineer, was not a father himself, but he was fond of children, and he evidently wished to expedite the propagation of the human species. To that end, the Blonskys proposed […]
    Alan Bellows
  • A Debaculous Fiasco November 6, 2018
    A Debaculous Fiasco: With graduation less than a week away, the President Emeritus of Lake Forest College was trying not to panic. He’d had an especially difficult time organizing the ceremony that year, and he’d just received word that the scheduled commencement speaker for the class of 1977 was refusing to give a speech. “I […]
    Jennifer Lee Noonan
  • Drawing the Shorter Straw July 31, 2018
    Drawing the Shorter Straw: When the two trailblazers of animated film finally met in 1941, the one named Walt Disney was quickly becoming a legend. The other, an Argentine named Quirino Cristiani, was on an equal but opposite trajectory toward obscurity. Despite their different upbringings, the two men were attracted to film in similar ways. […]
    Marisa Brook
  • The Curse of Konzo May 2, 2018
    The Curse of Konzo: On 21 August 1981, Australian physician Julie Cliff received the following message on her telex, a print-on-paper precursor to modern text messaging: “Polio outbreak. Memba District. 38 cases. Reflexes increased.” The apparently routine message was sent from the Provincial Health Directorate in Nampula, a city in northern Mozambique. Cliff worked in […]
    Matt Castle
  • A Jarring Revelation March 30, 2018
    A Jarring Revelation: Poet, inventor, and businesswoman Amanda Theodosia Jones learned firsthand why 19th century America was a tough time and place to be a female entrepreneur, especially one with romantic and spiritual sensibilities. In her long and storied career, Jones made remarkable advances in food safety and other fields, collecting a dozen patents along […]
    Christine Ro

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  • Lord Minimus- the Knight Who was Two Feet Tall February 26, 2020
    The 17th century wasn’t exactly the most progressive time in history, as evidenced by the fact people with dwarfism were literally traded about by the upper echelons of society like Pokemon cards. Amongst the pantheon of known “court dwarfs” as they were called, one stood above them all thanks to the frankly astonishing life he […]
    Karl Smallwood
  • Is It True Women Retain the DNA of Every Man They’ve Ever Slept With in Their Bodies? February 25, 2020
    If you’ve spent virtually any time on the interwebs, and particularly lurked in the social media areas of this marvel of human ingenuity, you’ll no doubt at one point or another come across the fact that many women have living male cells hanging out in their bodies, including in their brains. The most common explanation, […]
    Daven Hiskey
  • Where Did the F-Word Come From? February 23, 2020
    BaKlol asks: Where did the word fuck come from? In its various incarnations, the F-word can be a noun, verb, adjective, and even an infix. The Swiss Army Knife of the English language, this word has been adding spice to our conversations for centuries, even if our forbears were loathe to write it down. So […]
    Daven Hiskey
  • How Much Has Baby Shark Made Its Creator? (And Who Really Created It?) February 21, 2020
    When looking at a list of most watched videos on youtube, you’ll find the vast majority in the “hundreds of millions of views” club are various music videos. In the top 10, you’ll see a variety of household names like Ed Sheeran with 4.6 billion views on his Shape of You music video, Justin Bieber’s […]
    Daven Hiskey
  • Forgotten Heroes: The Hobby Scientist Who Discovered Global Warming and Its Cause February 21, 2020
    The first known instances of humans noticing that we could affect the weather in some way by industrial-type action go all the way back to around the 4th century BC and one Theophrastus. Along with extensive observations about how climate and weather in a given region seems to affect plant life, he also noted how […]
    Daven Hiskey
  • So What are the Actual Rules with Conjugal Visits and How Did They Get Their Start? February 20, 2020
    Japanadian asks: How do conjugal visits work in real life? While in the last couple decades in the United States, various states have rapidly been putting an end to so-called conjugal visits, it turns out their benefit to prisoners, wardens, and the general public are surprisingly high, including in the long run saving enormous sums […]
    Daven Hiskey
  • A Less Horrific SAW- The Bizarre Tale of the Pizza Collar Bomber February 14, 2020
    In 2003, the town of Erie, Pennsylvania made national news when an unassuming pizza delivery man walked into a local bank and demanded a quarter of a million dollars from the vault. What happened next would baffle authorities for years and see the crime become one of the most intriguing ever committed in the United […]
    Karl Smallwood
  • That Time a Major Studio Intentionally Made a Crappy Fantastic Four Movie February 13, 2020
    Long before they were in the business of making movies themselves, Marvel infamously sold off the film rights to some of their most beloved characters for pennies on the dollar compared to their current worth today. Most pertinent to the topic at hand is their sale of the superhero team that helped Marvel redefine the […]
    Karl Smallwood
  • Is It Possible for Cancer Cells from One Person to Infect Another? February 9, 2020
    el_juano asks: Is it possible for someone to get infected with cancer from someone else? In an oversimplified nutshell, cancer is, to quote cancer.gov, a disease “in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues.”  Given its propensity to spread and divide in an uncontrolled manner throughout a person’s body, it brings […]
    Daven Hiskey
  • That Time Someone Actually Tested the Infinite Monkey Theorem (And Who Came Up With It) February 8, 2020
    The idea that given enough time, even completely random activity could produce something complex goes back at least a couple thousand years, though not without its detractors even then. For example, Cicero states in his De Natura Deorum (On the Nature of the Gods) in 45 BC: Is it possible for any man to behold […]

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  • Relativity Space expands its rocket printing operations into an enormous new Long Beach HQ February 28, 2020
    Building a rocket is a big operation, even when you’re printing them from the ground up, like Relativity Space . The launch startup is graduating from its initial office, which is a bit cramped for assembling rockets, to a huge space in Long Beach where the company will go from prototype to first flight. We […]
    Devin Coldewey
  • The world Bob Iger made February 28, 2020
    There were the times when it seemed like Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger might be the last Hollywood executive standing. Yes, Iger’s been openly thinking about retirement and searching for a successor — a search that culminated in this week’s announcement that he’d be stepping down from the CEO role immediately, with Disney Parks Chairman […]
    Anthony Ha
  • If virtual worlds are so popular, why don’t we have them yet? February 28, 2020
    If virtual worlds are so enticing, why haven’t we already shifted to them as our online social hubs? The thought of virtual worlds for socializing evokes Second Life (launched in 2003), where users created unique avatars to socialize, build and trade with each other. Contemporaneous press hype told us that our entry into the metaverse […]
    Eric Peckham
  • Coronavirus corrections and the rise of remote work February 28, 2020
    Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. What a week. What an insane, heart-stopping, odd, and stuffed week. I’m utterly exhausted. But, in better news, all of that great fodder for podcast and chat, so today’s Equity is pretty ok if I may say so. […]
    Alex Wilhelm
  • Geneva Motor Show canceled over coronavirus fears February 28, 2020
    The Geneva Motor Show is the latest trade show to cancel over fears of the coronavirus. The Swiss auto show is one of the largest car shows in the world and is usually the venue where high-end and exotic auto makers roll out new models and wild concepts. The show, like most auto shows, is […]
    Matt Burns
  • Indian research firm Convergence Catalyst is ready for its second act February 28, 2020
    A 9-year-old is smashing the shuttle far and wide, frantically pacing back and forth on the court in Bangalore, India, as her competition refuses to back down. Her rival is not a human. She is playing against a machine that is mimicking the game of badminton legend P.V. Sindhu, toned down a few notches to […]
    Manish Singh
  • AWS partners with Kenya’s Safaricom on cloud and consulting services February 28, 2020
    Amazon Web Services has entered a partnership with Safaricom — Kenya’s largest telco, ISP and mobile payment provider — in a collaboration that could spell competition between American cloud providers in Africa. In a statement to TechCrunch, the East African company framed the arrangement as a “strategic agreement” whereby Safaricom will sell AWS services (primarily cloud) […]
    Jake Bright
  • Clearview said its facial recognition app was only for law enforcement as it courted private companies February 28, 2020
    After claiming that it would only sell its controversial facial recognition software to law enforcement agencies, a new report suggests that Clearview AI is less than discerning about its client base. According to BuzzFeed News, the small, secretive company looks to have shopped its technology far and wide. While Clearview counts ICE, the U.S. Attorney’s […]
    Taylor Hatmaker
  • Latin America roundup: SoftBank adds $1B, Stori raises $10M and Grow Mobility puts on the brakes February 28, 2020
    After investing nearly $2 billion of its Innovation Fund in Latin America in 2019, SoftBank announced this month that it would add an additional $1 billion into the fund.
    Anna Escher
  • SeeHow helps cricketers train smarter February 27, 2020
    Like baseball, cricket relies on grass, dirt, wood, cork, spit, spin, drop and rise en route to either victory or loss. And like baseball — and just about any other sport, really — cricket coaching staffs and their players worldwide are looking for more ways to track every move. Tracking statistics is nothing new. With […]
    Henry Pickavet

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  • This gorgeous 4K TV is basically a work of art — and it's up to $1,250 off February 28, 2020
    TL;DR: Samsung's gorgeous 55-inch and 65-inch "The Frame" 4K TVs are on sale for up to $1,250 off with the code SAVE300 Feb. 28 through March 1. We've written about Samsung's "The Frame" 4K TV before, and here we are again because it's back on sale for a super low price. We're talking more than […]
    Miller Kern
  • This cute tentacle robot will make you feel like a tiny Cthulhu February 28, 2020
    Not an Elder God or octopus, but still want to pick up things with tentacles?  Look no further than this octopus-inspired soft robotic arm that you can use to manipulate objects.  Created by the researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and Beihang University, the little tentacle arm […]
    Stan Schroeder
  • Netflix's 'All The Bright Places' loses what made the book great February 28, 2020
    With an ambitious script, pitch-perfect soundtrack, and heartfelt performances, Netflix's All The Bright Places shows great attention to detail. From the top of Hoosier Hill to the dark waters of the Blue Hole, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch's Indiana-set romance is faithful with every frame. Elle Fanning and Justice Smith are cast perfectly, and their […]
    Alison Foreman
  • Greedy snake gobbles entire beach towel, heroic vets extract the whole thing February 28, 2020
    Read more... {"player":{"description":"Monty the python is doing fine.","image":"https://mondrian.mashable.com/cms%252F2020%252F2%252F05a062d5-7705-515f%252Fthumb%252F00001.jpg%252F930x520.jpg?signature=8IiPM6H-9lQCbKDYqJk-SWwG-r0=&source=https%3A%2F%2Fvdist.aws.mashable.com","mediaid":"jznR4Ev6ox","preload":false,"title":"Greedy snake gobbles entire beach towel, heroic vets extract the whole thing","sources":[{"file":"https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2020/2/e8cc5c6f-a8eb-af2b/hls.m3u8"},{"file":"https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2020/2/e8cc5c6f-a8eb-af2b/dash.mpd"},{"file":"https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2020/2/e8cc5c6f-a8eb-af2b/mp4/1080.mp4"},{"file":"https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2020/2/e8cc5c6f-a8eb-af2b/mp4/720.mp4"},{"file":"https://vdist.aws.mashable.com/cms/2020/2/e8cc5c6f-a8eb-af2b/mp4/480.mp4"}],"player_id":"hrrl7x1B"},"options":{"disableAds":false,"disableSharing":false,"nextupAction":"autoplay","embedUrl":"https://mashable.com/videos/blueprint:jznR4Ev6ox/embed/?player=offsite","standaloneUrl":null,"post":{"url":"https://mashable.com/video/beach-towel-python-snake/","date":"2020-02-28T12:45:24.376Z","bp_id":111358,"wp_id":null}},"advertising":{"params":{"keywords":"culture,snake,vet","sec0":null,"sec1":"","prc":""}},"analytics":{"labels":"culture,snake,vet","videoSeriesName":null}} More about Snake, Vet, Culture, and Animals
    Sam Haysom
  • This Supreme Court case could criminalize online immigration activism. Here’s why. February 28, 2020
    When the Trump administration announced plans to phase out Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in 2017 — the federal program which offers renewable legal status to undocumented immigrant children —  Twitter blew up overnight with hashtags like #HereToStay, #HomeIsHere and #DefendDACA. Three years later, discussions around immigration continue to gain visibility online: Photos and videos […]
    Haidee Chu
  • Save over £200 on the Philips Series 9000 electric shaver February 28, 2020
    TL;DR: The Philips Series 9000 electric shaver is on sale for £160 on Amazon, saving you 59% on list price. This goes without saying but you should be looking after your face. You've only got one face, and you're stuck with each other for life. Your face deserves to be clean, fresh, and cared for […]
    Joseph Green
  • Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions are on sale February 28, 2020
    TL;DR: 12-month subscriptions to Nintendo Switch Online are on sale for £13.99 on CD Keys, saving you 22% on list price. Some gamers are perfectly content with solo play, but most need the rush of competition.  Your favourite gaming buddies won't always be on hand for a lengthy session, and that's why the weird and […]
    Joseph Green
  • Wait, what? Mac Pro's $400 wheels don't have a lock. February 28, 2020
    When Apple announced that the wheels for its pro-grade, $6,000 Mac Pro desktop machine are purchased separately for $400, we thought they must be special. And they are. That's because, unlike most wheels on furniture that cost half that of Mac Pro's wheels, the Mac Pro wheels don't have a lock.  This was pointed out […]
    Stan Schroeder
  • Trevor Noah celebrates black history with a salute to legendary black leaders February 28, 2020
    The Daily Show's Trevor Noah has run some truly awesome deep-dive segments, monologues, and off-the-cuff chats on legendary black leaders like Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and Aretha Franklin.  Plus, he and the Daily Show team have done some unique looks at the Selma-to-Montgomery marches and the 50th anniversary of Franklin's appearance […]
    Shannon Connellan
  • James Corden's 'ponytail or phony-tail' game sounds ridiculous, but it's edge-of-the-seat stuff February 28, 2020
    You might not have thought a ponytail-based guessing game would ever be enough to glue you to the screen, but here we are. In the clip above from The Late Late Show, Alison Brie and Will Forte team up to guess which two of six strangers have a "phony-tail" instead of real hair — and […]
    Sam Haysom


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