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The Grove is a place where Gromies’ endeavors mean something. A real something. Building each other up matters, for real – so don’t miss the “Gromies’ Endeavors” section on the portal here, found right below the UTC clock!


Speaking of supporting each other, the Nation appreciates contributions to the Commons of Squallbonde, from all when able.

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If you got that class, then what you’ve seen so far has definitely piqued your interest! How to join, you ask? Well, there’s a couple ways.

  1. Perhaps the easiest is to join our Discord server, follow the instructions, and self-check-in to being part of this great Project – namely, one of the “Gromies!”
  2. After having read up & been down with the Manifesto, The Grove Way, and checking out the first edition of Swag*inista Radio, shoot us an email – stormygrove a-t gmail.com. Replace the “a-t” with an actual “@” symbol when you do, of course. That’s what we in the business call “trying not to get our inbox inundated with spam”.
  3. Be personally fast-tracked by a member of the Royal Court. Y’all that fall under this category enter immediately, but are still obligated to, soon after, read and listen up on what we’re about here.

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    As Sunday night turns into Monday here in the United States, the system that’s kept the Southern Plains cool, cloudy, and rainy will fire up the afterburners and roar out of the Southern Plains with widespread rain and thunderstorms in Texas, Oklahoma, and vicinity and hecka widespread snow from Central Illinois west to the […]

    #C2WX – #NTX/#ETX – Jan 24-25, 2021 Severe Weather Risk

    It’s been a beautifully cloudy, misty, rainy last few days here in North Texas, but now it’s time for the pattern to be shaken up a bit. The low pressure system that’s been keeping us in this niceness is about to slingshot through, bringing us a bit of a roaring exit.

    Currently, there’s widespread scattered […]

    #C2WX – #NTX/#TX – A North Texas Winter Storm Encore

    After a New Year’s Eve/Day winter storm that teased those of us in the core of the Metroplex with the potential for snow, but dumped its load basically exclusively along and West of US-281, it’s looking like we’re getting another shot at seeing widespread winter weather across this great state starting tonight, through tomorrow, and […]

    #SETX – #C2WX – Squall Approaching Houston Metro & Hinterlands

    SE #Texas: Line of storms from Conroe to Victoria, moving E. Winds to 60+, lots of lightning, heavy rain. #Houston, #Galveston, #Livingston, #Lufkin, & the rest of the region – be ready! #c2wx #txwx #houwx #stxwx #setxwx #txweather #weather #severeweather


    #C2WX – #NTX, #CTX, #ETX, #STX – Mon, Nov 30, 2020 – Weather Alert

    #Texas: FREEZE WARNING for E, SE, Central, S Central (down a bit past #CorpusChristi) tonight. Protect plants, people, pipes, pets! #Houston #Austin #SanAntonio #ctxwx #stxwx #etxwx #setxwx #txwx #wxtalk #texas #Lufkin #weather #winterweather #winter #gardening #c2wx


    #C2WX – #NTX – Sun, Nov 29, 2020 – Weather Alert

    #NorthTexas: FREEZE WARNING for NE counties, immediate Metroplex, down to Lampasas… WATCH for S & SE counties. Protect them plants, pets, people, & pipes, y’all! Take potted plants into a warm place. #dfw #ntxwx #dfwwx #txwx #wxtalk #c2wx #fortworth #dallas #weather #winter


    #C2WX – #NTX – North Texas Weather Update – Sat, Nov 14, 2020

    #NorthTexas: Clouds & isolated sprinkles/showers through tonight, becoming a little more widespread for the morning, then back to isolated for the afternoon. Late day, the clouds start to depart for real. Lows in the 60s tonight; highs in the upper 70s to around 80 later today.., then, another cold front passes, and the upcoming […]

    #C2WX – #NTX – North Texas Weather Update – Thu, Nov 12, 2020 — Fri, Nov 13, 2020

    #NorthTexas: cold front moving through tonight! southerly winds will shift to northerlies overnight, and isolated showers/storms – already starting to form in Grayson & Denton Counties – will be a thing, as well (main direction west to east). No severe weather, just much-needed rain & maybe a thunderclap or three. Overnight lows will be […]