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Liveblog - LIVEBLOG: #PC2StormStalkers – May 3, 2021 – North Texas Severe Weather!

Alright, #NorthTexas. It’s starting. A cold front. VERY warm, moist, unstable air. And the “cap” that inhibits storms has been breached. Special Weather Statement already in effect for Wise County for nickel sized hail. Other storms firing up along the front, too. This activity is blowing up FAST & will move East rapidly this […]

Liveblog - #PC2StormStalkers – Apr 28, 2021 – Severe Weather Potential Today – Texas NE to Great Lakes

Today’s thunderstorm outlook, area-wise, is just as the previous update specified – ‘the middle “third” of Texas – from the southeastern Four Corners and the Southern Plains states (including Texas here), up through the Ozarks, Ohio River Valley, Lower Midwest, Eastern Great Lakes, and the Mid-Atlantic up to Southern New England.

As far as […]

#C2WX – #USWX – SEVERE WEATHER OUTBREAK POTENTIAL – Fri, Apr 23-Sat, Apr 24, 2021 – Southern Plains & Southeast

Well, folks, we got quite a setup for #severeweather across the aforementioned regions over the first half of the weekend. A powerful low, with associated cold front, warm front, and dryline is gonna eject east from Colorado roughly along the 37th parallel. This means:

– Friday morning: widespread subtropical humidity, mildness to warmth, and moisture […]

#C2WX – #NTXWX/#USWX – A Chilly 4/20 Night

Well, #NorthTexas, looks like we got a bit more winter tonight to deal with!

There is a #FreezeWarning for the Western and Northwestern counties (where temps will dip below freezing), and a #FrostAdvisory for the rest of the region (temps near freezing), which includes the #Dallas / #FortWorth Metroplex.

In fact, the Freeze Warnings […]

Fri Apr 9, 2021 Severe Weather Outlook – U.S.

THE WHERE: Eastern Texas & Oklahoma, the Deep South states, the Central Ohio River Valley, the Mid-Atlantic states.


THE WHAT: Scattered to widespread thunderstorms, numerous severe. Large hail, high winds, flooding, & isolated tornadoes possible. Most and most intense severe weather will occur in the Deep South.


THE WHEN: Texas & Oklahoma – […]

Liveblog - #C2WX – #NTX – Dallas/Fort Worth & Region Severe Weather Coverage – Grove Nation Live – Mar 24, 2021

Storms & #SevereWeather for #Dallas, #FortWorth, & #NorthTexas this evening & tonight. Grove Nation is LIVE w/ the latest, + enriching gameplay, 🦃 talk, music & more! https://twitch.tv/grovenet @TeamIgnitionCC @jimg1976 #TwitchStreamers #twitch #c2wx #txwx #ntxwx #dfwwx #dfw #wx

Liveblog - #C2WX – #NTX – Mar 22, 2021 Storms in North Texas – Live Blog Updates

Broken line of shwrs/storms over Western #NorthTexas, moving E. Hvy rain & lightning, w/ iso hail to quarters/gusty winds. Marginally severe possible. Clears region by midnight. #c2wx #ntxwx #dfwwx #txwx #weather #severeweather #dallas #fortworth #dfw



Wed, Mar 17-Thu, Mar 18, 2021 Southern Severe Outbreak | PC2 StormStalkers

#C2WX – #NTXWX/#ETXWX – Stormy Sunday – Feb 28, 2021

Sct’d/widespread shwrs/t’storms over the next few hours in #NorthTexas. Direction: SW-NE. Hvy rain, lightning – hail & high wind in the strongest ones. #C2wx #txwx #dfwwx #ntxwx #etxwx #dfw #dallas #fortworth #weather #severeweather #wxtalk


#C2WX – #NTXWX – A Sip of Spring Storm Update – Feb 25, 2021

Isolated showers/storms will become widespread in N Cen, Cen, NE #Texas now thru overnight before tapering off mid-morning. Hvy rain, lightning, poss hail to quarters. Movement SW-NE; S-N. Temps chilly – 40sish. #dfwwx #ntxwx #txwx #wxtalk #weather #dfw #dallas #fortworth #c2wx