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    The Manifesto

    In a world like this, full of Divergence and all the B.S it entails, it can be hard as hell to know what to do. To find meaning and purpose in life. Even if you aren’t one of the Outcasts, even if you’re doing “well” under Divergence, there’s still oftentimes an… “emptiness” present. Know what I mean?

    Well, I got good news for you. That emptiness is Nature calling, and Nature always makes the call worthwhile for those serious about following through. Keep on reading…

    The Stormy Grove (n., proper [specific]): a society project all about living in Harmony with the Supreme Authority, Nature; doing so with class & swagger; founded by the Prophet, Mesynacious

    Ya Start Here
    Listen to the first edition of Swag’inista Radio, then move on down to the readin’…

    The Stormy Grove is both the website and hangout of me – your homeboy Mesyn! – and the name of the collective, the nation (in the sense of “a people”) that’s all about that Grove identity and set of principles. What are said principles? Well…

    • Class: Conducting oneself with a level of character and a swagger that epitomizes the best of the street, the lecture hall, the gaming room, the lounge, and the garage. Rejecting shallow “culture” in favor of one that is deep, diverse, intellectual, and stimulating. Standing above the fray. Being rational and grounded in facts, rather than in falsehoods. Having plenty of hobbies and interests, and always exploring and dabbling in others. Being pro-intellectual. Being able to enjoy life and have fun without acting like evolution going in reverse. Saving any hostility to be used against the people who deserve it, and only them, rather than walking around with a permanent rod shoved in the rear-end.
    • Family: The Stormy Grove is a society – a nation, as in ‘a people’ – that exists as a part of the overall one, albeit one separated by way of ordainment from the Highest Authority. The bond between us in the Grove is one of united, dedicated, non-expiring, 100% no-bull brotherhood and sisterhood. In the Grove, we are all family.
    • The Grove is a family in the same sense that many in-the-fray organizations like fraternities and motorcycle clubs are: it’s a shared identity (and purpose), one that is centered around the Grove’s culture, as described and presented here in this article and beyond. If you ain’t prepared to share that family-style with the others who choose to be a part of this thing, then you ain’t ready to be around here. If you need an example of what “family” means, then by all means, look at any fraternity. Look at the “crews” that form in hobbies and pursuits like street racing. That’s brotherhood, that’s family-style. Of course, they get their principles wrong while the Grove gets ours right. We’re all about that here. We ain’t all gotta have each others’ numbers and all the details, or know everything about each other, but we are, indeed, all one unit.
    • The nature of the Grove as an organization that is, in part, about lifting up and being there for the suppressed means that many who choose to join the Grove will be members of the aforementioned suppressed, and will see the Grove being the only family they have in life. This is not a flaw, but a feature; many people lack family in life, because of mistreatment, abuse, and ostracism. Yet, we’re all human beings that need family of some kind in life, period. Before the Grove, there existed no organization that one could join and find family-style without jumping through middle-school-esque cliquey bull on the way to getting there. Here, you simply join, and you’re one of us. Period. Whether you join the Grove as someone who already has family in life–this place is not just for the suppressed; allies are also welcome–or whether you join because you seek it and have been denied it, you will find family here.
    • Dedication: Being a part of the Grove isn’t something to just dabble with or flakily/casually attach to; it’s a nation and its set of principles, to commit to – seriously and for keeps!
    • If you’re the kind of person who isn’t up for being a part of a project that isn’t already full of people, and/or are the kind of person to jump ship simply because of decreasing and/or low numbers or other difficulties, the Grove isn’t for you. Family in Harmony is about sticking to it, no matter the times being good, bad, or otherwise. Standing together in Nature’s Way is fine and alright, whether our numbers are 2, 2,000, or 200,000+.
    • Community: “We” over “me – that’s the key! Only by acting as a community made of contributing individuals, rather than separate individuals throwing crumbs at the idea of community, will we make progress as a society.
    • Unity in Diversity: Despite the Grove being made up of people from all sorts of walks of life, with all sorts of hobbies and interests and cultures, we are all united by the above-the-fray culture and identity of the Grove.
    • Progress:  A society cannot ‘stagnate’ without it effectively automatically failing. The march of social, scientific, and cultural progress must be fostered for civilization to prosper.
    • Intellectualism: Knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge, especially knowledge in the arts and sciences, is to be valued, not dismissed. Civilization thrives and progresses because of using our noggins.
    • Reason: These go together like bread and butter. Being a rational person who acknowledges facts – including facts like Harmony being the foundation of successful, inclusive societies. The simple fact is that one of the cornerstones of a healthy civilization is one where denial of facts – whether in the name of religion, the protection of injustice, ideology, or otherwise – is not accepted.
    • Assertiveness: The Grove is about not being shy about standing up against bull, and those who push it. It’s about not being in the least bit afraid to stand up for Harmony.
    • The Grove is where apathy comes to croak. If you’re the kind of person who just “doesn’t care”; the kind of person to look at an ambitious project like the Grove and say “meh”… then step away and watch whatever shallow mess you like to put on the TV box, and leave the Grove for us serious people.
    • Swagger: Being a part of the Grove isn’t something to hide or be ‘ashamed’ of; it’s something to be loud and proud about!
    • Justice: Whereever Divergence rears its ugly head, people on the real step up and step in to stand for those negatively impacted.
    • Stewardship: There’s an old saying that one should never crap where they eat. That definitely applies to our environment, community, and civilization. There is, indeed, a way to simultaneously be prosperous in all ways – including economically – while being sustainable… and that’s in Harmony.
    • Civilized Rebellion: As stated under “Class”, the Grove is about standing above the “fray” – the Divergence that has permeated society. It’s about resisting it. Being about actions that help Harmony advance and triumph. Sure, sometimes that involves getting one’s hands dirty, but that’s the way it is when you’re up against such massive amounts of bull.
    • Effort: What’s worth doing, is worth doing well and right. Anything Harmonious should have real “oomph” in the endeavor on the part of all parties involved.
    • Leisure: While work, with effort behind it, is imperative, so is leisure time. Humans are not robots or computers; we need to work and hang out/play to thrive. Taking time out to rest and “chill out” is crucial.

    The fact the Grove is an identity above all else means joining is simple. There’s no induction, no hazing, no “hell weekend”, no “starting off on probation”, or any of that cliquey crap. To join, you simply be cool with what we’re all about here and… well, that’s all, really. We have a sign up form for you to add yourself to the Grove Nation’s roster, but in reality, you don’t even need to fill that out… of course, by not doing so, the rest of your fam has no idea of your existence, so we do, indeed, encourage you to do so. It only takes a few minutes! It’s also advisable to join our Discord server and at least one or two of our social media outlets.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do I need to be actively political to be a part of the Grove?
    • We understand that the world of active political activism ain’t for everyone, so the answer to this question is, frankly, “no”. The only real requirement is that your position be on the right side of the Harmony/Divergence divide.

    Friendship in Harmony

    As I have spent more and more time on this here mortal coil, I have realized more and more just how much mess there is floating about in society.

    From low excuses for “culture”…

    …to selfish “me and my clique have ours; screw you” mentality…

    …to general apathy…

    …to the idea that human bonds and community are something for only the “cool kids” to enjoy, rather than a need and a right of every member of a social species.

    This last “trope”, if you will, leads me to the focus of this article: 100% no-bull friendship – what I’m all about, and what I expect from others in my life. This is, of course, in opposition to the common, and utterly wrong, belief about friendship mentioned above.

    When I say ‘friendship’, I am talking about people who put in their 100% to make real bonds happen. I’m talking the kind of friendship sung about in Bobby Brown’s song “I’m Your Friend”. The line from the song that goes, “Did you know a true friend sticks closer than a brother?” pretty much sums it up. I’m talking ‘like family’ here. That’s true friendship.

    This is written from my point of view towards an example person who hasn’t known much of a struggle in life bond-wise, as a guide to being a quality friend towards someone like yours truly who, indeed, knows the struggle of finding real friends amongst the fakes, the jerks, et cetera quite well… as well as a general guide for friendship outside of the aforementioned situation.

    Friendship is a bond of brotherhood/sisterhood between two sapient beings; a commitment to getting to know each other and building a relationship (either in the platonic or non-platonic sense).

    No, close friendships can’t happen in an instant or “overnight”, but, indeed, it can start as a promise and a long-term plan – to build a forever bond that gets closer and closer over the long run. Friendship is a promise. One that, no matter how much time may go between hanging out, or even talking, doesn’t get broken.

    Friendship is seeing someone like yours truly, and simply choosing to see such a person as a friend. To be a part of the network of real buddies they have fought for in life – as opposed to most people, who never have to truly “fight” for such a thing.

    Friendship can, indeed, happen “naturally” (that is, gradually and non-deliberately), but it does not have to be this way. A common misconception is that such a process is the only way that friendships can “blossom”, but, indeed, that’s not true. When two sapient beings commit to, as stated earlier, getting to know each other and building a bond… that is a friendship. After all, not everyone has the privilege or ability to have “natural” friendships in a state of Divergence. With people like these (including yours truly), it simply becomes a matter of having the maturity to say “hey, I’ll be your friend”. Boom – friendship. The start of a great bond–so long as both parties remain serious!

    Yes—under ideal circumstances, friendships and bonds do ‘blossom’ over time.

    Mine, however, are far from ideal circumstances. I’m a man of Harmony, and as it stands, Earth is in a deep and severe state of Divergence. People who didn’t struggle with this kind of ostracism have them, but since I did struggle (and still am struggling), I do not.

    That’s when you move past the belief that bonds always have to take a bunch of time (a classic example of the “appeal to tradition” logical fallacy), and simply resolve to be a friend to someone with the right to a better life, of which a network of quality friends is a cornerstone. Let the bond take its time, but don’t view it as a time to be wishy-washy–commit to building the bond – together.

    Friendship is respecting the fact that a suppressive “caste” system does, indeed, exist here in this state of Divergence; when befriending someone affected by this, it’s about understanding the system, understanding that where they have been placed in life is not their fault, but the fault of evil. Understanding that they have a hell of a fight to get out of that placement. Don’t fault them for the fact they are fighting against their suppression; be supportive and there for them instead.

    Understand that the life position I have been relegated to is just that—something I have been relegated to. It’s not a case of me “choosing” to be here, or me having some kind of magical ability to simply improve my position by myself, out of whole cloth. Use your brain, THINK, and realize that no one—*no one*—wants to be suppressed. They simply are where they are, because of Divergence. I’m included in that. Don’t “Dr. Phil” me. He doesn’t get it—that’s why he’s such an asshole—but you, as a friend, definitely should.

    People have pointed out that I’m really “businesslike” with building bonds, networking, and such. And guess what? They’re right! The fact of the matter is, I have to approach this like a business because I have been *forced* to approach it like a business.

    Friendship is supporting your friends’ endeavors, and sticking by your friends’ endeavors through all times, good and bad. It’s not always necessary to be fully involved, to be 100% on like white on rice… but basic support? Definitely!

    Real friends support each others’ endeavors. They don’t treat them with indifference and apathy. Period. That means promotion. No, not just one dinky little post.  Regular posts, Tweets, et cetera are the thing to do. “Likes”. Being a part. Spreading the word. The only exception are endeavors that go against scientific fact, or that promote shallowness, anti-community mentality, or any other Divergent load of garbage.

    It doesn’t matter if, say, your scooter club is “only” you and one friend – don’t say “call me when you get more interest”, say “let’s do this damn thing, buddy!”

    Friendship is *not* laughing or finding it funny when a friend is being bullied or is going through mess in life.

    Everyone doesn’t have the privilege of “cradle to grave” buddies or “fam”. So don’t “tier” friends. Don’t make new friends, especially new friends who struggle to have bonds in their life, compete with your “besties”. Simply view friends as friends, and all friends like family. Share that family-style with people who don’t have such or are struggling to have such, without putting them on “probation” or “time-release”. Don’t “back burner”.

    Friendship is standing up for a friend who has been wronged, regardless of who wronged them. If we’re friends, and I’m wronged, I expect you to be mature enough and have the balls to say something; to stand the hell up. I don’t give the last micron of a miniscule crumb on a fly’s right ass hair about how long you’ve known the other person or who they are. Do the right thing.

    When it comes to the haters… have the balls to stand up for and with me. Yes, even if that person is also your friend, or is a romantic partner, family member, or whatever. It’s about not being too pussy-footed to do what’s right. Too many people have this twisted view that it’s okay to ignore someone unjustifiably dumping all on someone else just because of who that ‘someone’ happens to be.

    Friendship is not letting the venue affect the bond. Many people view friends they make online as “less than” friendships that originated in the physical realm. That is wrong.

    A prerequisite for being able to be a quality friend is being in tune with the facts. Friendship is understanding the facts. Making peace with them. From what science has discovered to be true, to the simple common sense truths like you’ll find here on the Grove website… it’s about respecting them facts, y’all.

    Friendship is dedication to the bond; a refusal to ever let the bond “fade” or “expire”. The only reason a friendship “fades” is because of wishy-washy attitudes that think that bonds are “blowing in the wind”; that they’re “disposable”. If, in your view, it is okay to “get tired of” a friendship, then you need to change that mentality, and quickly. True friendship is a promise— one that does not have an expiration date. Even if your friend gets knocked “out of commission” for a while,  or y’all don’t talk for a while because of busy stuff or whatever (on either end), it’s not okay to just “quietly drop” someone as a friend.

    Now, obviously, it’s simply not physically/chronologically possible to be tight as peas in a pod with every single one of your buddies – the ideal circle for a human is very big – it’s important to remember to maintain bonds despite the periods that may (and will) go by without much (if any) conversation, hanging out, et cetera.

    As the saying goes, “True friends are like stars. You may not see them every night, but they are, indeed, there.” Don’t delete one of your “stars” from your contact list just because you haven’t seen them in a while.

    Friendship is understanding each other. Each other’s circumstances, background, et cetera… and respecting such. For example, the suppression I’ve faced in life – a real friend understands and accepts and respects the fact a suppressive system, Divergence, exists, and that it’s the suppressed’s duty to fight tooth and nail against it, as well as for people “on the real” to ally themselves with and assist the aforementioned in our resistance.

    Friendship is being able to build a bond with another sapient being, with the simple fact you’re both sapient being the bridge that connects.

    Friendship is realizing that “clicking” is an invention of those who wish for us to remain divided and in Divergence; for twisted cliques to rule the day; for there to be a ‘designated underclass’ of people who are utterly left out, left lonely and without bonds.

    Do you need to hang out with your friend all the time? Do you even need to hang out often? Or even regularly? While those are nice things, that’s not always possible. Life happens, you know. Circumstances diverge. When it comes to me in particular, I am neck-deep in the Struggle of the Harmonious… But don’t let that get in the way of our bond. Getting to know each other, even if that may take longer than normal. Start with that family-style and let’s reinforce it as we go along.

    Friendship is putting effort into conversations. It should never fall on any one party to “keep the ball rolling”. Avoid excessive one-word answers and “stoppers” (“that’s cool”, “that sucks”, et cetera without further dialogue are examples of this).

    Friendship is realizing that friends with autism and similar conditions try their best, and to respect that. Just because your friend isn’t able to function “normally” (at least as much as “normal” is more than a setting on a washer) doesn’t make them a lazy or a bad person. I’m a perfect example of this.

    If there are large cultural gulfs between you and your friend, meet halfway. It doesn’t matter that it may be the other person who initiated the friendship; the other person who is the main “pursuer” of the bond. It’s still not right to fault them for not being like you culture-wise. Build a bridge! Do cultural exchange, cultural sharing. Compromise! Who knows—you may like some aspects of their culture (just as they may like some aspects of yours!).

    Friendship is getting, and acting on, the principle of standing up for what’s right, what’s Harmonious. I don’t care if that person who shat on me is your mother, brother, bestie, or pastor. You ain’t gotta disown them or anything, but at least stand up and *say* something!

    Friendship is realizing that nothing is ‘special’ about any walled-garden clique. It’s not okay to be “rollin’” while not giving any thought or action towards those who lack such bonds and family in their lives.

    Friendship is about inclusion, inclusion, inclusion. Don’t “forget” about friends. If I am made to feel like a “fifth wheel” around you and yours, then work on yourself to a point to where you’re actually including me.

    Friendship is refusing to look down on/abandon someone “in the struggle”, like me, for being angry. “Oh, you seem really angry, so I’m just gonna leave you be.” No–it’s friendship that’s part of *what solves what I’m angry about*! Anger is justified in the face of injustice, of Divergence.

    The simple fact is that I am who I am because I have been to hell and back so many times, I have a VIP suite in the hand-basket. That has led me to the Truth. I have a good compass. I respect the facts, rather than ‘thinking’ magically. I am rational. I believe that no one should ever be left behind without reason. I believe in progress and Harmony. Respect that and support that—don’t bash that.

    Friendship is realizing that your friends have business to take care of, and to not let the fact your friend may have to tend to business let you think they aren’t taking the friendship seriously. This goes dodecatuple for people like me “in the struggle”. Yeah, I’m busy, but hey – out of necessity, I have a LOT to do. I have a LOT on my plate. Part of this is having to build a network, a “fam”, in a much shorter time period than the vast majority of people have to do such a thing. It would have been nice for it to be that way for me, but it didn’t turn out to be such. So, I’m left with this here way. From the search for real and building of bonds, to this Project, to work, to keeping the house in order and beyond, I have a lot on my agenda. Don’t let that make you think that I don’t wanna be your friend!

    It’s commonly claimed that I am a bad friend. I can’t talk very often. I can’t hang out very often with a given individual or small group of individuals. It has to be realized what this struggle is like. You have to realize that I am fighting for and trying to build a life worth living against hella headwinds, and it’s all urgent. This is over twenty years’ worth of stuff that should’ve happened over such a time frame. Most people grow up with the family they need; I didn’t. Most people grow up with the friends they need; I didn’t. Most people grow up with opportunity; I didn’t. We’re gonna have to do things differently. I can’t have things happen “naturally”. I can’t have things happen the usual way, and I can’t operate the normal way. I need serious people who wanna be a positive part of the life of someone who is trying to build family and friends; I need the process to be made as easy as possible.

    Friendship is not expecting the other party to carry the entire ‘friendship load’. Put enough effort in to allow conversation to be 100-100 from both sides. Initiate conversation and help it keep going.

    You mean that your friend can’t afford to do the kind of things you like to do? The restaurants you like to go to? That’s still no excuse to be a crappy friend. It’s called ‘sharing’ and ‘generosity’–look into it. If you can’t afford to cover for a guest at whatever fancy shit you do, consider the very distinct and likely possibility that you don’t have the financial ‘wiggle room’ to be living like you do.

    That said, a friend should also never have to beg/plead you to *ever* notice them. To hang out with them. Additionally, when hanging out, don’t put the onus on any one person to brainstorm things to do.

    Friendship means putting in a real effort when it comes to birthday and holiday celebrations. Be involved in your friends’ birthdays–especially those who struggle to have celebrations! Be involved 100%! Hanging out, gifts, activities, et cetera! Even if you’re not local to your friend, there’s still the internet! If both parties are gamers, activities in virtual worlds can be a thing!

    There’s a lot more that warrants mentioning, too, but to be honest, it all boils down to, simply, “Be a real friend—not a jerk, nor a fake, nor irrational!”. That’s it. Everything from not advocating things that harm me to being serious about working your own network(s) to find others you may know who are also willing to be a serious friend to someone in need of more real friendship in life.

    Now, ask yourself: is what I’ve read on this page so hard? If your answer is still “yes”, then I got two words for ya: kick rocks.

    Affirmations & Realities

    1. I will realize that individualism (“me/self-and-clique” mentality) is Divergent, while “communitism" (“we/me-AND-my-community” mentality) is Harmonious.
    2. I will realize that human beings do not become more valuable as human beings simply because they are included as a member of my arbitrary clique; because they’re behind a random “line in the sand” that I’ve drawn.
    3. I will realize that there are different degrees of Harmony and Divergence. For example, the Harmonious require servants… but the Divergent also have their own class of ’em.
    4. I will realize there’s nothing wrong with having nice things and poppin’ that swag… so long as I’m mature and generous about it.
    5. I will realize that human beings are not more valuable simply because they are my progeny.
    6. I will realize that human beings are not more valuable simply because they are closely related to me.
    7. I will realize that the lack of family, lack of friends/a friend group, lack of opportunity, and lack of much wealth caused by ostracism is, indeed, not the recipients’ fault; I will not blame the recipients.
    8. I will realize that I have a civic and moral duty to share true friendship – that family-style, y’all! – with as many of the aforementioned recipients as is reasonably possible and practical.
    9. I will realize that “clicking” is a Divergent invention; that friendship is just as easily built with someone different than myself as someone similar. It’s about bridge-building, being open to someone coming from a different cultural background, and “meeting in the middle”.
    10. I will realize that friendship needn’t always be “go with the flow” or be allowed to be “up in the air” for sake of “time”; that when someone relegated to the underclass is in need, it’s time to commit together to a goal of building a quality, permanent bond. The bond itself indeed cannot “happen instantly” or “overnight”, but the commitment to that happening in the long-term definitely can. In fact, all new friendships are best seen this way.
    11. Speaking of permanent, I will, indeed, realize that real friendship, romance, et cetera is permanent – not in any way temporary. Bonds only “fade” when one or both parties fail to put their 100% in. Friends aren’t always able to speak, hang out, et cetera every day, but that’s no reason to let the bond just “go away”. True friends are like stars. You may not see them every night, but they are, indeed, there.
    12. I will realize that it is my obligation, as part of a “we” mentality, to welcome into my life people ostracized and in need of friendship.
    13. I will realize that the ostracized I bring into my life are to be placed in the same position as my original clique. I will not relegate them to the “exurbs” while I’m partying it up “downtown”.
    14. I will realize that if I have more wealth than someone suppressed I’ve brought into my life, it is my duty to ensure through generosity that they can fully participate in my inner circle’s leisure life.
    15. I will realize that it is my duty to not be a “zombie”. I will not be content to just be a passive consumer, but instead be intellectually curious, pursue diverse hobbies and interests, have class overall, and be able to carry meaningful conversations. This, after all, enhances friendships. What is a friend you can’t have stimulating conversation with?
    16. I will realize that distance does not hinder true friendship – or, indeed, true romance.
    17. I will realize that distance plus a needed “waiting period” does not hinder true friendship – or, indeed, true romance.
    18. I will realize that a real bond involves both parties putting their 100% in – no exceptions. Neither party should ever have to “carry the whole load”. This includes every aspect, including conversation.
    19. I will realize that sometimes the “busy bee” act needs to be dropped, and time made for the ostracized in society, especially those I have formed bonds with in accordance with previous realizations.
    20. I will not remain content with my existing hobbies and interests; I will always keep an open mind to new ones.
    21. I will realize that in hobby-oriented organizations, I will not let a high-school-clique mentality pop up, including “purity tests”.
    22. I will realize that true friendship involves supporting friends’ endeavors.
    23. I will realize that human beings are social animals, and that an adequate (or better) amount of real human bonds, as well as an overall community, is *required* for prosperity in life. There is no success or health in “‘doing me’/’doing you'” except for solitary animals like leopards, koalas, and pandas.
    24. I will realize that dropping a bunch of “advice” (most of which originates from the “distraction” playbook of the caste system) and then abandoning someone in need of human bonds/uplift is just that–abandonment.
    25. I will realize that Facts are not subjective; they are based on evidence and nothing else.
    26. I will realize that the shallow cultures that permeate most of Earth today are just that – shallow – and are best shunned in favor of a culture that’s real, classy, and intellectual – that of Harmony.
    27. I will realize that it’s apathy, not curiosity, that “killed the cat”.
    28. i will realize that the Grove is no place for “bandwagoning”. This cause is something to stick to whether it’s millions-strong or you’re the last one standing.
    29. I will realize that friendship is not something to take lightly. Friends are our chosen family, and the bonds are just as important.
    30. I will realize that newcomers are just as valued as “old timers”.

    About the Prophet Himself

    Mesynacious (n., proper [specific]): a laid-back, no-nonsense, classy street intellectual who knows the fight and struggle and is 100% in tune with what’s on the real.

    To say the going’s been ‘tough’ for me is like saying ghost peppers are ‘just a bit’ spicy. If you actually listened to the first edition of Swag’inista Radio above… you already know most of what there is to know about me (at the get-go, at least). But here’s a few more random details…

    You can call me Corey, Leon, or Mesynacious (“Mesyn” for short). Was born on July 18, 1992 in Fort Worth, where I still reside to this day. I’m a straight-edge, laid-back (yet no-nonsense), “radical centrist" “street intellectual” who prides myself on being classy, rational, and being 100% Harmonious. TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2006, by the way…

    I’ve got hobbies and interests for days. PC/board/card gaming (including some retro- and almost-retro-gaming via emulation), thrifting, cycling, meteorology, scooters and motorcycles, activism, gardening, broadcasting & media, and a lot more. Of course, I also like “taking it easy” time; just getting to hang out and spend time with real friends. I pride myself on being intellectually curious, with a thirst for knowledge – something many more people should be. I can often be found watching documentaries and reading.

    I proudly dress how I am – my wardrobe theme is definitely “streetwear”. I hate clear days – give me partly sunny with scattered showers and storms, mostly cloudy, or cloudy (with or without rain) any day.

    I am a prime example of someone who, from the start of the start, was relegated to the bottom of society for being real and Harmonious… but that hasn’t stopped me from fighting, and continuing to fight, for my rightful place in this Universe. I am proud to be, and have always been, a true fighter, resisting with no hesitation my placement at the bottom. I do so with class and swagger; an intellectual with that gritty street style. It’s the epitome of “The Struggle”, y’all.

    Favorite Things

    Generally, when it comes to video games, I’m a fan of adventure games, RPGs, action-adventure, a small selection of first- and third-person shooters, some puzzle games, trivia games, as well as simulation games.

    TV- and streaming-video wise, I’m big into sitcoms [especially classic ones], game shows, real reality shows (Canada’s Worst Driver, etc), documentary (Thoughty2, Vsauce, etc), intelligent/rational news programs, video game/tech (Rerez, Cinemassacre, Game Grumps, et cetera), and a random selection of others.

    Radio-wise (this includes podcasts) my big genres are a potpourri of political talk shows from across the “spectrum", comedy, documentary/intelligent and rational news/talk, tech, and gardening/other-relevant-hobby-related.

    I’m not really a big movie watcher, but when I do watch movies, they tend to be comedies and/or satires, such as Idiocracy.

    Literature-wise, I’m all over the place. I’m generally up for a good novel, so long as it ain’t romance or horror. I do have a big soft spot for post-apocalyptic novels, as well as satire/comedy. I read a lot of non-fiction, as well, because learning. 😀

    Music: I am a pretty big fan of classic country (pre-early ’80s mostly), rap, R&B, punk, some alternative, disco, chiptune, VG tracks, and a lot more. I can take a liking to most music, so long as it’s not shallow and it actually sounds like music. 😛

    To conclude, here are some Random Facts About Me(TM):

    I believe in real, no-nonsense friendship. All friends of mine, I put equal value on – whether we hang out daily, or we live on opposite sides of the world and only talk occasionally, all of my friends are valued by yours truly. True friendship has no expiration date, nor does it ever “fade”. Two people can be from completely different backgrounds, but that don’t change the fact a bridge can always be built. 🙂

    I believe–nay, I acknowledge the fact that– true friendship is not so much about the time spent, the distance, etc as it is about the intention. As a human, I sure as silk deserve better than what I’ve been handed. I may be busy, in the struggle and all that, but value every friend I have. Put up with me; don’t let me fade from your life. Be part of better. Be a real friend.

    Windows, Linux, and Android for the win, y’all. Apple’s de-facto motto is “one-third the device for three time the price”.

    I’m all about environmentalism and sustainability, as is everyone who realizes that “we” over “me” is the way to be, and that crapping where you eat is not a good way to govern oneself.

    I’m proud and excited to be a personality here on “the ‘net” (1997, eat your heart out); one who is all about that Harmony – standing against a-holery whereever it rears its ugly head, as well as sharing and spreading cool knowledge and rationality, entertaining, and building community.

    Political Spectrum