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The Grove is a place where Gromies’ endeavors mean something. A real something. Building each other up matters, for real – so don’t miss the “Gromies’ Endeavors” section on the portal here, found right below the UTC clock!


Speaking of supporting each other, the Nation appreciates contributions to the Commons of Squallbonde, from all when able.

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    The Grove Way


    ~ The Royal Court ~
    The Order of the Etherean • The Order of the Supreme • The Order of the Guardians • The Order of the Rangers • The Order of the Deputies

    ~ The Nation ~
    The Crews

    ~ The Blocks ~
    The Gromies

    +~Da Roolz~+

    • These are copied directly from the Discord, and apply to other online Grove gathering spaces, as well as in general. For non-Discord spaces, common sense modifications apply as these are general guidelines for such.
    1.   As you hopefully will gather from this page & Grove intro materials in general, The Grove is a family. That means that un-called-for hostility, hate, games, and other garbage is not allowed. Govern yourself the same as with “blood” family or your “squad” – after all, the Grove is rightfully considered your “squad” as well!
    2. Be active. Once again – and this is a broken record worth hearing over and over – The Grove is a family. An oasis from the classlessness, sociopathy, and bigotry that has, unfortunately, permeated humanity; a place for the outcast to finally feel the warmth of brotherhood; a place where we’re in tune with Nature. By all means, promote yourself – & we’ll help! But this is not merely another promotion venue – this is a real place of love for each other!
    3. ACTUAL Racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, ableism, anti-youth ageism, classism, & other forms of bigotry ain’t welcome here… but that said, if you’re expecting the Grove to be an SJW-style “safe space", you’re out of luck – good-faith comedy has no boundaries, including here.
    4. Only staff of the Royal Court of Squallbonde are permitted to tag “everyone”. Other roles are taggable by all Gromies, but abuse will cause suspension of that tool on an individual basis.
    5. “Tuning In”, as described in #server-directory, is there for listening pleasure. Do note, though, that trashy/chuddy music is not allowed. This means “glam rap” or any other “glam” genre, songs that glorify wanton violence and/or the excessive use of drugs or alcohol, and similar shallow crap.
    6. Speaking of the #server-directory, please help us keep a nice, organized hangout space by posting content in the correct channels. Obviously conversations can drift, and that’s fine, but don’t overdo it.
    7. A big part of what we do here in Squallbonde is support each others’ endeavours, so promotion is welcome! However, don’t regularly spam. We have a bot that automatically drops a notification in the #mob-live-alerts channel. Speaking of which, let someone in the Royal Court know if your streaming/broadcasting outlets aren’t yet in the notification system. The Court will attempt to make sure everyone’s in but we may miss some things on occasion. Remember to drop your channels and such in the #mob-twitch-yt-etc-drop channel.
    8. That said, promotion is only allowed once you reach the rank of “Gromie”, which is the main “base line” rank in the server. To get said rank… react to your intro message at the #vetting-station with the “:dog2:” emoji.
    9. Disputes: attempt to “work it out” privately (this does not apply to cases once any involved party genuinely [i.e. not like the average chud] feels unsafe. Other, contact a Royal Magistrate to bring your case before the #ministry-of-mediation.
    10. A Nation that stagnates is a Nation destined for failure. Tell your network about Squallbonde! Invite people who are down with Class, Character, & Community we’re about here! Growth is fundamental!
    11. Here, we’re about people who don’t artificially “tier” friends. Let friends be friends; leave the high-school stuff behind. Your Gromies are not “less than” others in your life!
    12. This server will involve regular pings, both role-specific and universal, for important information. This includes, but is not limited to: when a Gromie goes live on Twitch, weather and other emergency alerts, giveaways, Grove events, and product recalls. If this bothers you, please reconsider why you’d be annoyed at your family for keeping you informed (& alerting you to FREE STUFF!) and sack up.
    13. Don’t let doxxing touch this server, please. Thanks.
    14. No NSFW content is allowed outside of designated NSFW sections/channels.
    15. Here at the Grove, we have a “crackers & tea”/”wine & cigars” atmosphere. Save the loud “club” mess for the chuds. Don’t yell (including excessive ALL CAPS), overuse emoji, or otherwise carry on like uncivilized hood rats/”brahs”.
    16. English only, please.
    17. No promotion of Divergent media/figures/whatever of ANY kind. We do understand that sometimes innocent mistakes can be made, what with how much mess has mainstreamed itself, so if you run afoul of this one, and you aren’t aware of it, it’s fine that first time.
    18. No bad-faith “trolling”.
    19. Bot commands are allowed in any channel, since they’re here to help and enhance, but if you’re really gonna be working the bots, use the #ministry-of-automation channel.
    20. For the love of Pete, don’t make your nickname in here involve weird-ass hieroglyphics that are hard to tag. This includes blank usernames.
    21. Effort. Don’t be a flake. This is about taking care of each other in the best ways we can, however we can. There are few exceptions for not being in touch and participating. If you have to ask, yours is probably not one of them. Being in a coma, being incarcerated, being in deep wilderness with no access to modern technology in, and being, there are four of the biggest actual exceptions. Otherwise, realize that you are not the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and be real with The Grove. After all, The Grove is not some “casual” affair; it’s a serious effort to build and maintain an Oasis from the Divergence that permeates the Earth in this day and age. It’s a Family, a Nation, and a Sanctuary. Contribute resources & efforts to further OUR goals! :slight_smile: :green_heart:
    22. This whole kit and caboodle is a work in progress, so, everyone, take note, and keep an eye on this channel for changes to the rules. Let’s make sure the Grove remains the domain of the real. :slight_smile: