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Recent Comments

    Why Cybersyn?

    Project Cybersyn is the media network “arm” of the Stormy Grove Nation.

    Why “Project Cybersyn”? Well…

    …as anyone who has had a good look at the Stormy Grove’s site knows, the Grove is a society project for people who are about rationality, progress, community, and who are overall above the fray.

    Salvador Guillermo Allende Gossens, the first democratically-elected Latin-American Marxist president, became the leader of Chile in 1970. While we here at the Grove are ardently opposed t0 Marxism, we do acknowledge positivity when it’s present.

    One of the projects his administration kickstarted was Project Cybersyn, a very early “internet-ish” network of telex machines and computers linking important economic assets and infrastructure, such as factories, to each other and a central “hub room” in the Chilean capital of Santiago, complete with informational displays and equipment along with quite swanky, retro-futuristic seating for its users. The purpose of this network was to manage the economy and help foster its success. Short for “cybernetic synergy” in English (and known in Spanish as “Synco” – an adapted initialism for “Sistema de INformación y COntrol” and a pun on “cinco”, Spanish for “five”, alluding to architect of Project Cybersyn Stafford Beer‘s five-level viable system model), it was a marvel of early 1970s information technology and represented a huge step forward in civilization management.

    Unfortunately, while Allende’s administration was positive, there was a lot of negativity that was around at the time, marching under – at least in name – the same ideological banners as Chile’s. America’s a great country, but no one’s perfect – and the anti-Allende coup, and subsequent installation of brutal dictator Augusto Pinochet, was one of the biggest mistakes America has made in its history.

    The network was dismantled, and the country fell into a long period of negativity they’re still recovering from to this day.

    This name honors President Allende’s efforts at building a great civilization and the technological innovation involved in such.

    Seriously, y’all, let’s take some time and think about what “Cybersyn” stands for: “cybernetic synergy”, which, in a nutshell, means a bio-technological network in harmony with each other and its surroundings. Such a network is a hallmark of high technology and an essential element at the heart of a modern, rational civilization. It’s a means for the sharing of information, knowledge, and art; the bonding of sapient beings; the unity and harmony of communities – of peoples – as part of a greater nation. Whether the interfaces are walkie-talkies, laptops, tablets, smartphones, ham radios, holographic glasses, or straight-up implanted networking tech or whatever else; whatever the frequency of the medium; the principle and essential element stands firm and the same.

    It may seem, at first glance, that the Grove claiming this “new Project Cybersyn” as a spiritual successor to the original is comparing apples to oranges. But, in reality, it’s not. The original Project Cybersyn was a network at the heart of a civilization for the betterment of said civilization. This new one is a network at the heart of a civilization, for the betterment of said civilization, as well.

    From YouTube channels to streaming radio, from amateur and CB radio to blogs, from traditional radio to streaming video and beyond and beyond, the Grove is proud to have built, be building, and continue to build a network of true “cybernetic synergy” at the heart of this society – this civilization – that stands above the fray. Plus, let’s not forget our biological-sapient connection, that we all have, under God and Nature.

    Let’s make progress together.