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#RBStormStalkers – Let’s Talk Turkey – Southern Plains Severe Outlook, Sun-Mon, Oct 10-11, 2021 – Liveblog

As Sunday starts, expect a low to form in the southern High Plains right over the Panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, which will fire up storms late morning in the greater region. It’ll even snow in the higher elevations on the western fringes of the system in North Central New Mexico and South Central Colorado.…

oct 10 2021 afternoon spc outlook.PNG
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The Slight risk been pulled S/E, now incls Waco, Tyler, etc. #DFW now in Enhanced. Moderate Risk - 4/5 - for the heart of #Oklahoma now.
Why? Discrete supercells more likely: #OK & W #NorthTexas; squalls forecast to be more intense.

We may have a minor #tornado outbreak on our hands, followed by a major wind event.
oct 10 2021 - kdyx - ok area for storm development.PNG
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area in Oklahoma storms will likely be firing up within 1-1.5 hours
oct 10 2021 5pm cdt kdyx storm update.PNG
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storms clusters firing up in SW Oklahoma; squall line taking shape in the Big Country/Concho Valley area of Texas
730pm cdt kfws oct 10 2021.PNG
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the #Texas squall is currently along a Wichita Falls-Eastland-Brownwood-Brady line. currently warned from Eastland County, Northward, for up to 70 mph wind and half-dollar hail. #txwx #ntxwx #ctxwx #dfwwx #wxtwitter #severeweather #weather #dfw #fortworth #dallas #wx #uswx

expect the storms to be FAST, too. over 60 mph forward movement! this enhances the wind threat

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these storms are fast ones. now approaching the heart of North Texas. expect a stormy 9-11pm for the metroplex!

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Severe thunderstorm warnings for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex now in effect until 945pm cdt. 60 mph+ winds, quarter sized hail possible, along with the usual heavy rain and lightning. the main concern is wind. expect the storms to hit fast and jet before ya know it

johnson county tornado warning 930pm cdt oct 10 2021.PNG
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spin-up tornado has touched off a tornado warning for Central and eastern Johnson County
1011pm cdt tornado warning oct 20 2021 kfws.PNG
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fresh tornado warning currently relevant for the heart of Ellis County.
kfws 1035pm oct 10 2021 update.PNG
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as the storms leave the eastern fringes of the Metroplex, it's now NE Texas and the heart of Central Texas that has y'all's turn for the storms. they'll continue to race east overnight and into the early morning, before petering and reforming in the middle of Arkansas and Louisiana.

expect the main concern to be straight-line winds. spin-up tornadoes are possible (Ennis, take cover!). heavy rain and lightning are staples. but hail, at most & if anything, will be nickel sized.

stay #weatheraware, y'all.

North Texans: waves of on/off storms today, y'all - West to East.
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today's scattered #storms here in #NorthTexas are major rain & lightning producers, w/ a minimal wind/hail concern. a "tropical" form. #ntxwx #dfwwx #ctxwx #txwx #wxtwiter #c2wx #weather #dfw #dallas #fortworth