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Ask me about autism & other ways I’m different – yet no less Royal!

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Ella French


The Nexus

The Stormy Grove… where Nature & Progress intersect.

September 29, 2021 – 10 Years of Fighting Evil!

Welcome to the the Nation of Squallbonde, also known as the Stormy Grove Nation or simply “Grove Nation”.

Welcome to the website Hub of our Oasis; our Nation; our Family. What you’re looking at is a portal for our Citizens and Friends to provide easy access to information and resources for daily life, and beyond. While other “squads” are on the high-school mess of arbitrary uplift & inclusion, with many of the innocent & in-need being excluded, we’re Above that. If you’re on the real, you are welcome! 🙂

The fundamental of this Universe and Beyond, that it all boils down to, is Harmony versus Divergence. Good versus evil. What’s right versus what’s wrong. Following and bathing in the Light of Nature, versus straying from Such.

In a world that’s been overrun by Divergence, I was slowly awoken over years of youthful suffering to the Truth, and founded the Nation of Squallbonde as a result. An Oasis of Harmony in a barren wasteland of Divergence.


September 11, 2001. #NeverForget.

It's been 20 years. I remember that day vividly. Those of us who were around then – I think we basically all do.

We will not let the memory of the innocent lives taken & destroyed fade, nor let evil off the hook. Ever.

America. These United States.

I'm proud to be of this great Nation. Sure, we've had our faults (plenty of them), but (a) who ain't?, & (b) it's about learning from mistakes, correcting course, refusing to wallow in the past/pity, & striving for a bright future. We've done a dang good job of that for decades now. (Negativity's tryna reverse that these days, though, so don't let that guard down, y'all)

The hateful & evil can try to destroy us, but we ain't going anywhere. 🇺🇸


Though our Country is far from perfect – nothing that's not of Divine caliber is – it nonetheless stands as an example & beacon that even with flawed beginnings, we can, together, always strive to do & be better.

& that's something well worth defending. If you're inclined to disagree, I invite you to look at the alternatives – Venezuela, the old Soviet Union, North Korea, Fascist Germany/Italy/Japan, etc… & maybe think a smidgen.

It's okay to dislike where our Country is and/or the direction we're headed, & think we can improve in a positive way, while not demonizing the foundations we're on. That's what forward & better are, after all. The difference between positivity and negativity is thinking the aforementioned, versus promoting destruction/overthrow/wanton havoc.

The Bible says the enemy comes to kill, steal, & destroy… that's always been the case, is the case, and always will be the case. It's important to always stand firm against that mess. Defending positivity is what's up – something anyone sensible is down with. Today, & every day, we honor those who gave their lives in doing so.


~ The Gromie Gazebo… Our Blog! World & Space Weather Coverage, Gromie Musings, & More ~

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GroveNet Live!


Project Cybersyn 2.0 Shows!

The flagship show of The Stormy Grove!

  • A showcase of awesome video game (& video-game-adjacent!) music from the '70s thru today!
  • Front-porch turkey talk between the brothers & sisters of Squallbonde about a wide variety of topics, from food to horticulture, gaming to space, health to bikes, & much, much more.
  • A pro-Black, pro-Human, pro-Nature beacon of resistance against the neo-Maoist “Cultural Revolution" that's hell-bent on perpetuating White supremacy, destroying Western civilization, & other negativity.

RedCircle Podcasts Page

Grove Nation Live, y'all… It's streaming… with a twist!


Sure, there's gaming – and lots of it… but GNL is also about being joined by the Gromies & talking turkey about news/current events, science, tech, the arts, life in general, spirituality, and – last but not least – covering the world's, and space's, weather (including down-to-the-neighborhood severe weather coverage, mainly for North Central Texas). Sometimes live on Twitch, sometimes YouTube/Trovo/DLive/Facebook… always 100% nourishing and BS-free.

Gromie Creators

These peeps are royalty… check 'em out!

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Grove Services

Meteorological Consulting

Let PC2 StormStalkers be a part of your weather-update arsenal! Through our outlets – especially Discord & RetroShare – we provide both broad & customized weather information to keep you informed and safe, for daily life, special occasions, travel, & more. Join the Discord & say 'hi' for more details!


The Regal Stash is our marketplace here at the Grove, with presences in several places. Interested in buying and/or selling specialty or general merchandise? Check us out!
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No Compromise!

Civilization or Barbarism… Pick Your Side!
Just because law enforcement needs improvement & reform doesn't mean hatred is justified.
THANK YOU – Police, Military, EMTs, Firefighters, DNR, Security, Nurses/Drs, etc of America & Other Defenders of Civilization!

Report Terrorism Online
UK Police
Keep Your Eyes Peeled!
FBI – Seeking Info
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Policing the Species
INTERPOL | The International Criminal Police Organization

Civilian Defense Heroes

Honoring Real Black Heroes

~+ The Black Lives the Antifa Left Don't Care About +~

~+ Squallbonde Citizens' Portal +~

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Local Interest – North Texas

More From the Aforementioned, & Other, Greats

NOTE: Just because We have entities listed here don't mean Mesyn or other Gromies agree 100% with any of them. It's simply important to take in a wide variety of viewpoints, within the window of non-sociopathy, in order to shape one's own rationally.

Zaid Jilani, Shant Mesrobian


Glenn Loury, John McWhorter

The Glenn Show – YouTube

Booksmart Studios

Featuring the Lexicon Valley, Banished, & Bully Pulpit podcasts + other great content from Amna Khalid, Bob Garfield, & John McWhorter.



Free Black Thought


Rekieta Media


Spiked Online



Kevin Kautzmann
A Podcast About the Dark Side of Creativity (




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 ~~ Ministry of Meteorology ~~
+ World Weather Brief +

World Interactive Map
This here is a fancy interactive map. It's draggable, zoomable, and has many map options (selectable from the top right). See real quick-'n'-easy the weather in any given locale on the planet.

Live World Lightning

Urbanity Unshackled!

Justice, Counter-Terrorism, & Warfare Information Station (+ General Stupidity Watch)

Grove Nation Book Club

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Racism Watch

We once again find ourselves in a fight against racism – this time, mainly from the Marxists. The Stormy Grove Nation proudly stands against racism & all assorted negativity, no matter its form.

Support FAIR!