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Therefore, we humbly ask that you add an exception for our site – stormygrove.net – in AdBlock/uBlock Origin or whatever you use. Thanks, and solidarity in Harmony! 🙂


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The Grove is a place where Gromies’ endeavors mean something. A real something. Building each other up matters, for real – so don’t miss the “Gromies’ Endeavors” section on the portal here, found right below the UTC clock!


Speaking of supporting each other, the Nation appreciates contributions to the Commons of Squallbonde, from all when able.

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If you got that class, then what you’ve seen so far has definitely piqued your interest! How to join, you ask? Well, there’s a couple ways.

  1. Perhaps the easiest is to join our Discord server, follow the instructions, and self-check-in to being part of this great Project – namely, one of the “Gromies!”
  2. After having read up & been down with the Manifesto, The Grove Way, and checking out the first edition of Swag*inista Radio, shoot us an email – stormygrove a-t gmail.com. Replace the “a-t” with an actual “@” symbol when you do, of course. That’s what we in the business call “trying not to get our inbox inundated with spam”.
  3. Be personally fast-tracked by a member of the Royal Court. Y’all that fall under this category enter immediately, but are still obligated to, soon after, read and listen up on what we’re about here.

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    Welcome to the the Nation of Squallbonde, also known as the Stormy Grove Nation or simply “Grove Nation”. :100:

    Welcome to the website Hub of our Oasis; our Nation; our Family. What you’re looking at is a portal for our Citizens and Friends to provide easy access to information and resources for daily life, and beyond. While other “squads” are on the high-school mess of arbitrary uplift & inclusion, with many of the innocent & in-need being excluded, we’re Above that. If you’re on the real, you are welcome! 🙂

    The fundamental of this Universe and Beyond, that it all boils down to, is Harmony versus Divergence. Good versus evil. What’s right versus what’s wrong. Following and bathing in the Light of Nature, versus straying from Such.

    In a world that’s been overrun by Divergence, I was slowly awoken over years of youthful suffering to the Truth, and founded the Nation of Squallbonde as a result. An Oasis of Harmony in a barren wasteland of Divergence.

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    It’s the first original Project Cybersyn 2.0 program, Swag’inista Radio, with your boy Mesynacious. Random thoughts and sometimes music – the voice of the Grove!

    Find each episode and its show notes on YouTube under the Swag’inista Radio playlist.

    Email comments and questions to stormygrove at gmail.com, replacing the “at" with an actual “@" of course (dang spam bots)

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    Met Godly here from, of all things, a political Tweet that showed he had a good brain upstairs and a good heart in the middle floors. He welcomed and shared brotherhood with this fighting outcast and has, as a result, got a fiercely loyal homie in me, Mesyn, and Grove Nation. Follow, subscribe, and join the Godly Gang, y'all!
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    • 'You're out of order': Interview with Trump campaign official breaks down over insurrection excuses January 25, 2021
      MSNBC's Ari Melber did a Sunday evening special on the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. His final interview was with the former president's campaign staffer Boris Epshteyn who revealed the only excuse that Republicans will have to justify Trump's innocence. Melber spent the hour outlining the case against Trump, citing the funds the $2.7 […]
      Sarah K. Burris
    • Impeachment officer details the case against Trump as the second trial begins January 25, 2021
      Monday night, House impeachment officers will officially walk the Articles of Impeachment to the U.S. Senate and the process will officially begin as President Donald Trump is tried for a second time before the body. Speaking to MSNBCs Ari Melber on an impeachment special Sunday evening, a solemn Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-NY) explained that this […]
      Sarah K. Burris
    • Will cops caught in Capitol attack finally motivate police chiefs to purge their ranks: Watchdog asks January 25, 2021
      A former FBI special agent detailed in an Aug. 2020 report that white supremacists and militia members have infiltrated law enforcement ranks across the country. The abstract information didn't lead to a call from law enforcement leadership to look through their teams to purge possible problems. Now that off-duty law enforcement members were part of […]
      Sarah K. Burris
    • Kevin McCarthy faces the same battle as Paul Ryan and John Boehner in fractured GOP: report January 25, 2021
      House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is facing some of the problems that plagued his predecessors as he enters the new session of Congress, Axios reported. As the far-right wing of the Republican caucus gained speed and power in Congress, former Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) fled for greener pastures. Former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) then […]
      Sarah K. Burris
    • Sarah Sanders to run for Arkansas governor January 25, 2021
      Longtime political operative and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will announce Monday that she is running for governor for Arkansas. Sanders is likely to be seen as a popular pick as a close ally to former President Donald Trump. After leaving the position, Trump tweeted that he thought she should run for governor […]
      Sarah K. Burris
    • Trump supporters are threatening lawmakers as the second impeachment approaches: report January 25, 2021
      Washington lawmakers were left terrorized after the U.S. Capitol came under attack on Jan. 6. The night before, Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) told her husband where her will was located if she was killed. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser asked for National Guard support days in advance. Now, that fear has returned as some lawmakers face […]
      Sarah K. Burris
    • Justice Department can still pursue charges against Manafort, Stone and Bannon after pardons: prosecutor January 25, 2021
      While many of President Donald Trump's close allies were pardoned in the final months of his presidency, that doesn't mean they have escaped accountability for their crimes or convictions. Writing for Just Security, former senior prosecutor for Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, argued that people like Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and others still aren't […]
      Sarah K. Burris
    • 'Guns and explosives galore': FBI arrests reveal weapons brought for insurrection at the Capitol January 24, 2021
      A crossbow, assault rifles, knives, tasers, baseball bats, bear spray, a cooler full of Molotov cocktails ingredients and IEDs were among the weapons that President Donald Trump's supporters brought with them to Washington, D.C. ahead of the insurrection. The Daily Beast reported the slate of weapons brought to the Jan. 6 rally with Trump. After […]
      Sarah K. Burris
    • Republicans talked Trump out of starting the 'Patriot Party': Maggie Haberman January 24, 2021
      After threatening to start his own political party, former President Donald Trump has been talked out of it, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted Sunday evening. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump discussed with aides whether he should start a party for his own voters as an increasing number of Republicans […]
      Sarah K. Burris
    • Chuck Schumer shuts down McConnell's attempt to stop Trump impeachment January 24, 2021
      Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) let Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) know that he won't have a role in controlling the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump. Schumer granted Republicans an extra two weeks to prepare for the trial against Trump, but the GOP took it a step further on Sunday, prompting the Democratic leader […]
      Sarah K. Burris

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