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#PC2StormStalkers – U.S. Outlook – Mon, May 24, 2021

Well, y’all, it’s gonna continue to be a warm to hot one across most of the East today, with milder temps in the Central States and #WestCoast, & cool temps in the Mountainous & Intermountain West.
A Slight Risk of #SevereWeather exists from the #PermianBasin of #Texas North through Western #Kansas, and than NE into NE #Nebraska, buttressed by a Marginal Risk that extends from the #BigBend all the way up to the #Duluth, MN/WI-MI #UpperPeninsula border. There’s also a small Marginal Risk area for NE #WestVirginia & Central #Virginia. This is mainly looking to be a hail and wind concern event, and exclusively wind in VA.
A general storms area includes the Southern & Central Plains states, the Upper Midwest, teh Eastern #OhioRiverValley, & the Mid-Atlantic States. The Pacific Northwest can expect low-elevation scattered rain, with higher-elevation ice/snow. The rest of the country can expect things to be quite quiet, with variable cloudiness.
No #FireWX major risk areas exist today, though we can expect things to be quite breezy nationwide, with the exception of the inner Southeastern states. #Alaska will be cold with the odd snow/rain shower in the Southeast & East Central, and #Hawaii + The Territories will be warm with isolated showers and storms.
Post-Tropical Storm #Ana will continue her drift into the open North Atlantic.
#wxgab #uswx #txwx #c2wx #kswx #wvwx #vawx #weather

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