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Liveblog - #RBStormStalkers – Thu, Sep 30-Fri, Oct 1, 2021 – Storminess for Texas – Liveblog

Here in Fort Worth, things are actually quite calm right now. It’s mostly wall-to-wall sunshine… but that’ll quickly change.

At the moment, there’s a “tropical” wave of showers and storms traveling North from the Texas Gulf Coast (main direction S to N)… a low/cold-front wave currently storming from just east of Wichita Falls, draped down towards the Midland-Odessa area, and back up towards East Central New Mexico (main direction NW to SE)… and another, dryline-caused, wave developing in the Big Bend area (main direction SW to NE)

All these will continue their current trajectories through the rest of today, overnight, and into the morning hours of Friday. Expect basically all of the state, except the far northern Panhandle, to have a fairly likely chance of getting some kinda storminess by the late evening. The dryline & cold front storms have up to a Slight risk of severe associated with them, as shown on the map.

The risks in the Severe threat areas are hail up to teacup size, winds up to high tropical-storm force (60+mph), & perhaps a tornado. Outside of this area, storms will mainly be just heavy rain & lightning affairs, with the strongest ones bringing hail to quarter size & winds to 60mph.

  • overnight

    as the storms leave the eastern fringes of the Metroplex, it’s now NE Texas and the heart of Central Texas that has y’all’s turn for the storms. they’ll continue to race east overnight and into the early morning, before petering and reforming in the middle of Arkansas and Louisiana.

    expect the main concern to be straight-line winds. spin-up tornadoes are possible (Ennis, take cover!). heavy rain and lightning are staples. but hail, at most & if anything, will be nickel sized.

    stay #weatheraware, y’all.

  • entering metroplex

    Severe thunderstorm warnings for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex now in effect until 945pm cdt. 60 mph+ winds, quarter sized hail possible, along with the usual heavy rain and lightning. the main concern is wind. expect the storms to hit fast and jet before ya know it

  • nroth texas update

    the #Texas squall is currently along a Wichita Falls-Eastland-Brownwood-Brady line. currently warned from Eastland County, Northward, for up to 70 mph wind and half-dollar hail. #txwx #ntxwx #ctxwx #dfwwx #wxtwitter #severeweather #weather #dfw #fortworth #dallas #wx #uswx

  • oklahoma city – south – tornado

    confirmed tornado south of #OklahomaCity
    #Oklahoma #okwx #severeweather #weather

  • it starts in sw oklahoma

    it starts in SW Oklahoma. stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio, local media, & recommended apps for warnings!

  • it’s starting

    storms clusters firing up in SW Oklahoma; squall line taking shape in the Big Country/Concho Valley area of Texas

  • spc outlook update

    The Slight risk been pulled S/E, now incls Waco, Tyler, etc. #DFW now in Enhanced. Moderate Risk – 4/5 – for the heart of #Oklahoma now. Why? Discrete supercells more likely: #OK & W #NorthTexas; squalls forecast to be more intense. We may have a minor #tornado outbreak on our hands, followed by a major wind event.

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