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Blaize Culture + NTFR Crew – Exclusive Bullies

Blaize Culture + NTFR Crew could’ve been a Positive for Fort Worth, but chose to exclude based on disability + other shallowness. Let’s have a look-see. This is adapted from a Facebook review/post.

(Originally posted to Facebook.)

I removed this review before, but in light of recent events showing me that I’m being way too easy on people who think it’s okay to take fellow humans in need lightly & abuse them… it’s going back up for good, with modification possible if things actually change for the better & the negativity/bigotry makes a 180 into positivity & Love. Addendum at the end.


Blaize Culture Store Location

The Google Street View of the block of Race Street in Fort Worth, Texas where Blaize Culture's store is located - tucked on the west side of this mixed-use development next to the Hispanic Church.


I’m special needs (autistic + intellectual challenges + PTSD + more, including physical/visible) & have a passion for bikes & adjacent. Although I’m physically unable to do the fancy tricks and such, I’m drawn to the BMX style & love to “cruise” ride. I love the bike I’ve busted my butt to build up.

I’m going on 29, and I’ve always struggled with pervasive, intense bullying & ostracism – despite my best, persistent efforts – including in the varied fields I enjoy, with cycling being no exception. I’ve been through so much in life – so much abuse, inhumanity, struggle – & I’m simply seeking enough human Positivity to usher in a new era. One where there’s enough love & Brotherhood so as to outweigh all the hate & violence.

After all, most everyone needs a “squad”. A well-populated ‘place’ where they’re cared about, appreciated, truly included. Most don’t struggle with having enough of that in their lives, but I do. I’m not at zero, mind – I’ve got roots down, and I’m thankful to God for them; now, it’s simply about needing them roots to not be ‘smothered’ anymore by a brick wall; to be allowed to shoot for the stars…

I reached out to Blaize Culture, especially given all the pretty rhetoric, to see if maybe this new establishment here was a hub of such a place; one that’d have some uplift for this fighting outcast. Where I could find the aforementioned so much-needed. Unfortunately, that positivity didn’t turn out to be the case. Outreach both through event attendance & through the ‘net here went nowhere. I got treated real casually &, well, just kinda dismissed/disregarded. It hurt a lot, but I’m used to it… and so my search goes on for a real flourish of brotherhood in the city I’m from…

I encourage y’all – as in ‘anyone reading this’ – to be inclined towards understanding there’s people out there who are different, through no “fault” of our own, & we’re nonetheless innocent & just as worthy of decent lives as anyone who ain’t. If you ain’t already, reach out & share some Humanity. If you’re already at it, keep at it. My inbox is, for sure, open.


So, here’s the addendum, y’all.

After posting this review, I was quite quickly DMed by Blaize Culture here (keep in mind, before I spoke out, I was left hanging – both here on the Page and having my outreach slapped down by Jake personally) saying how much it “hurts” that I posted the review (yeah, well, it ‘hurts’ a lot more dealing with all the garbage I’ve, and still do, deal with!), and giving me pretty words about ‘stopping by’ to talk and how, upon said event, I’d find some of the Humanity I hadn’t seen here before.

Well, I did. Saturday, July 10, 2021 A.D. The big “jam” or whatever, right there on Race. I described it here on this post:

Here’s the full text:


There exist locales – from individual villages, up to entire nations & nation-states – where, when there’s a new arrival that appears to, at least temporarily, wish to be a part of the community… they welcome such new arrivals with a freakin’ party (either close to it or, in some cases, literally!) & would appreciate, say, a local meteorologist, gardener, & tech guy into the community, as family – even if he is ‘different’. It’s doing it Ioka-style (kudos to anyone who gets that classic RPG reference), and it’s the way humans were meant to be.

What do I mean by ‘different’? I mean someone like Yours Truly, who has many challenges: #autism, intellectual disability, #PTSD, #majordepressivedisorder, & lifelong complications from #BellsPalsy I had as a little kid.

While I love my city, it’s one where you can show up as an obvious new face to any number of “community” events, organizations/clubs, et cetera, & *not a soul* bothers actually welcoming you. Events are simply for existing cliques, & if they all deem you ‘unworthy’, they ain’t gonna give you the time of day. That goes double for people ‘different’ like me.

This is simple yet deep, old-fashioned hospitality & Humanity that’s missing – period. You see a new face, you *welcome* that new face. You see what that new face needs – & provide them needs, within reason. If that need is squad, then you *be* squad and don’t rest until they got a squad that matches any other realistic given. You appreciate what that new face has to offer, from their end. That’s Godly Humanity.
There really needs to be some kind of organizing (as much as I hate that the #antifa terrorists ruined that word, it’s still a good descriptor) to form *real* community-positive, *inclusive* “clubs” relating to interests, et cetera.

I spoke directly to Jake Bowen, the head of ‘Blaize Culture’, and was reassured that today was not gonna be like April’s “Race Street Rollick” – where I showed up, and got mostly the cold shoulder, until I just finally left (& the coldness didn’t stop afterward – despite efforts to engage online, they were rebuffed). I was assured that I’d actually find welcome, this time. That I’d find community. Brotherhood.
Instead, I found more of the same, plus what turned out – this time – to be active bullying.

You see, I could’ve stayed at the house and gotten my quite lengthy to-do list down. Instead, I took the time and effort to go to a completely different part of town. As anyone who has heard even the in-a-nutshell about my story knows, my life’s a struggle, and always has been. It’s missing a lot of what makes a life one of actual quality – including a healthy, varied amount of real Humanity, ‘squad’, love, brotherhood, appreciation, uplift, & empathy (something most people have their cups running over with in life).

I arrived. I have a clearly visible button making my differences obvious, so no room for excuses there. I am also *visibly* different. I stroll around. I find a sitting spot, with my very distinctive bike. It’s not like I’m invisible. I tried to look chill & have a smile (or, rather, the closest to such I can muster).

Keep in mind, a lot of the Blaize Culture crowd, from previous outreach/outspokenness, know dang well who I am, and what my situation is – even down to my inability to do tricks and such. And yet… all I got were dirty and/or dismissive stares. No one truly welcomes me, or includes me, except for Jake’s quick ‘hello, goodbye’. One couple even sits at the very table I’m at and completely ignores my existence. It turned out to be Luis Rincon and company. Yes, he gives me a stare, too.

It comes time for the riding along a route, with stops at ‘spots’, one aspect of which is a team-based ‘scavenger hunt’. The latter’s an automatic no-go for me because, well, ain’t no one given me the time of day (throwback to getting picked last in gym class in grade school, I suppose).

Three blocks in, I get left behind. I manage to find the first spot, and more of the same continues. Amusingly, a lady drives up and makes it clear that riding’s not allowed on that particular property, which only made it even more crystal clear how horrible these people are at reaching out to people in their actual communities who aren’t part of their arbitrary. Congratulations; y’all’s “spot” wasn’t even with the knowledge of whose property it is.

Finally, a couple of guys actually barely acknowledge my existence – but when I bring up better inclusion, I get brushed off.
Finally, after the third stop, I’m done. They all ride off, not giving a hoot about my presence. It’s right behind the Stagecoach at E Belknap and N Sylvania. I wheel my bike a bit up towards the light, lean it against a utility pole, sit down, then just… let it out. Yup, I’m man enough to admit that I sometimes shed tears after a quarter-century of this kinda B.S. You would, too, if you knew what that’s like (& maybe you’re one of the few who does).

Two dudes, both of whom visibly ignored and looked down on me earlier, then show up and ask me for directions to where ‘the guys’ have gone. Like, seriously? There’s a map on social media and that was physically shown at the event. Y’all know what the itinerary was. Y’all also see what kinda state I’m in, but then ask me that and when I talk turkey about how cold this whole thing’s been, y’all simply stared, pointed, laughed, and made disparaging comments about both my mental AND physical differences (for the record, the physical is mostly visible in complications from Bell’s Palsy I had as a kid).

I had also posted several things on social media sharing my frustration, keep in mind.

Think about this for just a smidgen. This was a golden opportunity to be real men, ask what’s wrong in a non-disparaging manner, and share apologies while getting started on tryna be inclusive. But nah – the other path, the direct opposite, got chosen there. Sigh.
Anyway, I get on my bike, and jet south down Sylvania towards the #11 stop.

Lo and behold, guess who shows up – away from the actual path of the “hunt”, to my stop?

Luis, in particular, knowing full well what had transpired – since, again, I posted on social media, that he saw, about the frustration I was dealing with – rode up (with his kid – showing a -great- example…) and decided he was gonna poke at me more while I was waiting for my bus, then react the same way as the two jerks from a few minutes prior. After being satisfied with the job, he rode off, smug as ever.
This is why, despite soooooo many “clubs”, organizations, etc existing, there’s so many humans still left out & immersed in misery: the ‘crews’ act like being proactive about inclusion will make their genitals wither, or something. Part of the Devil’s M/O today is masculinity & femininity being tied into how much of a sociopath you can be, rather than good citizenship.

At “best”, it’s being so privileged and used to things going right for you that you think everything happens by “going with the flow”, which, contrary to popular delusion, is something that garbage, pollution/sewage, dead fish, and debris do. Humans aren’t part of that list, or at least they shouldn’t be.
It’s not hard to be a decent, positive human. Us here at the Grove Project do it daily. Someone new pops into our Discord server, and they get a true, Ioka-style welcome (anyone who’s played a certain classic RPG knows exactly what I mean). Such comes from a place of both basic citizenship and my personal knowledge that, for some of us, bonds/community don’t “just happen” & gotta be pursued… & that, for some of us, a welcome’s gotta be explicit. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing.

The severe hell I’ve been though, and am still going through, in life are in pursuit of the simplest of modern human needs, as described above. This ain’t a request or need for the whole world on a silver platter (though that’d, admittedly, be nice), all the tea in China, or for the Pyramids of Giza to be rebuilt. It’s for bike rides with real buddies, brotherly/sisterly hugs, cookouts and pools (fancy not at all necessary), my skills to be put to work and appreciated, mutual endeavor support, and more. If that’s too much to ask for you, then look up “antisocial personality disorder” – you’ve got a heckuva case.

#discrimination #bullying #autism #autismawareness #autismacceptance #fortworth #dallas #dfw #dfwbmx #bikedfw #rivereast #blaizeculture #dfwbike #c2justice


It went from mostly simply passive… to passive + active, y’all. Orders of magnitude worse than the first time. Subsequent outreach has also been left hanging.

So, yeah. I’m going on 29 – a miracle given what I’ve been through in this seeking of even the basics… from escaping from violent Neo-Nazis in Indiana, almost getting eaten by a bear in Tennessee, seeing “Scary” Gary up close & personal (the city, not the snail), almost being killed several times (most notable in April of ’19, which even made CBS 11 News), & much, much more… but I digress a bit. I sought simple Humanity here, and, in the timeless words of Yukon Cornelius…

“WA-HOOOO… … … nothin’!”

I don’t know what the balance here is between simple ignorance, and bona-fied bigotry/hostility. After all, it’s VERY common for people who don’t know mental/physical challenges & general ostracism, etc to assume that human bonding works the same for us as it does for them who don’t have real experience with the aforementioned; that all we gotta do is “show up and hang out” – which is patently false – we often gotta be simply *made* a part of things.

It’s somewhere in the middle, but right now, my focus has got to be continuing my ride, seeking the simple & real. ✌🏿

The Links of Shame

Luis Rincon

Jake Bowen & Blaize Culture – Fort Worth

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