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Craig Toennies – “OLAASM” – An Open Letter to Your Racist @$$

Well lookee here. Advocating violence against journalists… promoting wanton violence & terrorism… & you seriously told me, a Black voice to “shut the fuck up”. Cute. & You claim to be against fascism & racism? 🤔

Just goes to show – y’all don’t give a damn about “anti-fascism”, Justice, uplifting the truly downtrodden like me, etc; y’all have just formed privileged, nihilist, sociopathic gangs that wish to fill the void y’all’re attempting to create and become oppressors, y’allsselves – to push Marxism & destroy America & civilization. You don’t give a damn about “Black lives” – you simply are using us as a means to an end – and that desired end is a Fallout-raider hellhole.

Y’all have clearly demonstrated that y’all would not only leave us truly oppressed in the lurch, you wanna add to our harm. Y’all *have* added to our harm. Look at how many innocent peoples’ lives have been destroyed / lost in y’all’s wanton violence that y’all celebrate. It’s not like y’all don’t know that, either – the same kinda wanton violence happened in the 1960s & 1970s, which ushered in an era of urban hell here in America – most notably in Detroit. So many lives, of all colors, stolen… but nope, that don’t matter to y’all.

only an oppressor would sit up here and wish harm on someone simply doing journalism in a public space. a gang that thinks that it owns the commons and gets to suppress speech they don’t like. A gang that, unlike positive movements that welcome journalists because they don’t engage in wanton criminality and value eyes, doesn’t want their misdeeds shown or known.

The good news is, even given the mild amount of messiness most people are on these days, it’s indeed just mild, & the vast majority of people are grounded enough in the truth to be against terrorist extremism like yours, and we are not going to be stopped from squashing violence & negativity, despite how hard y’all try. That’s the brightness, y’all. Us positive activists will continue to do the hard work that actually means Justice, and we’re going to be scooping up violent terrorists like you into the justice system – or at the very least, back into the non-factor zones y’all were in after we last crushed Marxism back in the ’70s & ’80s – left, right, up, down, and center – where y’all belong.

You need to do a lot of self-analysis, you need to think about just how little distance there is between the statement of yours in the image, and that of, say, an admitted fascist. violent gangs, not positive activists, act like that.

I’ll be praying for you, and who knows – maybe one day you’ll get real, & get on board with Justice,  Civilization, Humanity, Nature, & Positivity.

P.S.: “Shut the fuck up” is not a valid argument. 💚



OLAASM Terroristic History