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Kyle Lucas, “Better” Streets Chicago, & Other Chicagoland Terrorists/Sympathizers

(Notes: There are multiple scientific studies linked to in this article, some of which are behind paywalls. But, it’s common knowledge that if you reach out to the researcher directly, oftentimes they’ll be elated to share a copy with you for free, in the spirit of knowledge.

Secondly, this page is often linked to because it contains links to studies that debunk the “wanton violence works” antifa narrative. Links in the articles.)

In Chicagoland, exists an organization called “Better Streets Chicago”, cofounded by Kyle Lucas – this guy:

This is an organization that promotes infrastructure that, rather than being auto-centric and exclusive, is intermodal (including all modes of transport – walking, cycling, motorbikes, transit, driving, etc) and inclusive. That’s indisputably a good thing – anyone with even a lick of sense supports such. So BSC is a good org, right?

Well, unfortunately, no. “Better Streets” in their case is completely inaccurate, unless you think “better streets” are the streets being even more cold & blood-stained than they currently are.

Indeed, BSC, in particular, has a white-supremacy & sociopathy problem. 


Ain’t it grand when you cut into a delicious-looking cake and find out the “chocolate” is actually literal dog shit?

“bon appetit!”

Last year’s riots & their effects devastated Chicagoland. Many community staples found themselves in shambles. The hard-fought-for grocery stores that set up shop in food deserts were ransacked and pillaged, leaving the future of decent access to affordable food in hecka question for the locals. Numerous businesses and civic institutions with Chicagoans’ hearts, souls, minds, blood, sweat, and tears in them were destroyed; several even burned to the ground. It was, indeed, an orgy of barbarism (which, as the below captures show, Kyle dismissed as “something my fundamentalist grandfather would say”) – to the point they even besieged the Ronald McDonald House (!), terrifying the terminally ill children inside.


The effects of the riots, known these days colloquially as the “Ferguson effect” or, after last summer, the “Minneapolis effect“, has only continued to harm the ‘Land, in the form of severe increases in crime; especially violent crime. As so many studies have pointed out, wanton rioting is not a “liberating force” for the downtrodden and marginalized and people of color, but only serves to harm us the most – from being more vulnerable to the increased street crime, to destruction of institutions we rely on in neighborhoods, mental health, and beyond. Heck, only the popular and privileged can assemble in gangs to riot in the first place. They’re cool with destroying, say, the neighborhood market because they can just drive to an unaffected store miles away; it’s people who rely on stores they can walk/bike/transit to that are the ones harmed.

And yet… the co-founder of BSC, Kyle Lucas, seemingly approves of this, given his unwillingness to even acknowledge the barbarism (much less condemn it), say whether he showed any love to the victims, or care about the true marginalized, period. He thinks that such barbarous actions are a “reflection of oppression”.

Yes, “Black” turpitude as a “reflection of oppression”, y’all. Trying to smash into and loot the Ronald McDonald House and giving small children PTSD is a-okay to him because fake “oppression” – never mind that the “oppressed” have popular, geared-up charmed lives.

Seriously – think for a second, y’all, about what would’ve happened to those kids if the barbarians hadn’t been driven off.

Keep in mind that here in the 2020s, it’s been more than 50 years since we as a people could have reasonably, as a whole, been considered “oppressed”, anyway. Today’s oppression is not skin-color-based, but arbitrary – like high school.

But, I digress… seriously, y’all – beware of anyone who pushes the “perpetual Black victimhood” narrative & celebrates Black turpitude rather than Black excellence/morality, especially if they’re not actually Black. As laid out by a good several sensible people from across the political spectrum, this is a concerted effort/movement to hold us as a people back, not help us out. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

“In 2020 Antifa destroyed more black businesses and neighborhoods than the KKK have in their history. Nothing they do is random. Their destruction is planned, and areas are targeted in advance. And they always target predominately urban and black communities specifically. Why?

Because when you do that, you divest black business and home owners of familial and communal wealth that has taken them generations to accumulate, and will take generations more to rebuild. The endgame is the perpetual submission and dependency of black communities…”

~ Nick Lombardi
(click to continue reading his excellent breakdown of Antifa)

Think about it: what uplifts a people? It’s positivity, not negativity. So many oppressed peoples have successfully extracted themselves from their oppression through positivity – the Jews being the most prominent example, with others being the Tibetans, the Kurds, and the Koreans. They didn’t wallow in false victimhood, and use that as an excuse to be mediocre and turpitudinous. They stuck together, overcame the negativity with positivity and morals, and prospered. 

So what’s stopping us today, as Black people? In part, it’s a concerted white supremacist effort – of which Mr. Lucas is a part. It’s this movement purporting to be “for Black people” that is instead pushing the turpitude and mediocrity on us that’s keeping us down, despite a solid majority of Black people (& people in general) not being about barbarism and other such severe negativity

With Kyle in particular, any people of color who actually choose positivity, or even get within the range of the realm of positivity, earns his ire – including the (Black) Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot. In fact, it was Mayor Lightfoot’s hard work that helped keep the Walmarts and other stores in the metro that, if it weren’t for them, would mean huge swaths of the city would, *again*, be food deserts. They were considering just straight-up leaving after the privileged barbarians that Mr Lucas considers a good thing pillaged basically all of them. 

Again, Mr. Lucas thinks that those community staples being destroyed as a good thing. Is this someone who truly cares about the voices of people of color? He certainly dismissed mine, and it’s obvious he hasn’t done anything to be there for the victims. No wonder the sensible majority of Englewood showed, as last summer turned into last autumn, they’re sick and tired of these clowns

There’s plenty of positive organizations working to improve urban infrastructure – but beware of BSC. There may even be Black/PoC/otherwise victims of the rioting who’ve reached out to Kyle or BSC as a whole, and gotten dismissed, insulted, rebuffed, & blocked. Maybe one day Kyle ‘n’ ’em will choose positivity, inclusion, and construction, rather than negativity, white supremacy, and destruction.

“Better” Streets Chicago can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and their website. Kyle can be found on Facebook & Twitter.


More Kyle Examples

Demonized Alderman Reilly & neighbors for daring to defend their neighborhood from barbarians. Recall on this page and on the page about Antimatter how white supremacist terrorists/sympathizers think that privileged criminal sociopaths should be allowed to run roughshod as they please. Meanwhile, us rational people are fully blaming the terrorist pillagers for what they did, thanks.

Some other terrorist sympathizers from this thread:


Pushing the “property and people are separate” lie: