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LGBTFam & DJ Xage – A Union in Anti-Autism Discrimination

It's Mesyn speaking. After a frivolous “abuse" report on our previous web host – one they were happy to oblige – we've got justice and have switched to a new host who explicitly respects human rights. Free speech & fair use rules, y'all! 🙂

(12-13-2020) ~ update ~ That said, there's a couple images currently missing thanks to some frivolity, as described below.

(12-29-2020) ~ update to the update ~ The deadline for that frivolous DMCA to actually turn into a lawsuit has now expired, and so the pictures go right back up.

GroveNet & Network Cybersyn 2.1 are formerly part of the LFG – “LGBT+ Family & Games" – “stream team". 

Why “formerly"?

Because, for both, it's a “bridge too far" for me to have the better life I deserve. To have the family, “squad", community, appreciation, uplift, & Justice long overdue me. It's a “bridge too far" to have my “disabilities" acknowledged & accommodated. It's a “bridge too far" to be listened to & cared about.

Those of y'all who aren't sociopaths/psychopaths just reeled at the last paragraph. But that is, indeed, what both are on.

Let's start with “DJ Xage", pictured below. I first met him almost a decade ago, & he seemed like he was intent on being a real, much-needed homie to this outcast in need. Unfortunately, that turned out to be wrong – something I called him out on in late September in a private DM & blocked him, thinking that was the end of that.

(12-13-2020) ~ update ~ This is where a couple images of Mr Damerst were, but currently they are not present on the article due to an absurd DMCA notice. Until said issue is resolved, this text will serve as a placeholder. Let this be a reminder that some people will go all sorts of sideways to avoid just being a good person to those of us designated as outcasts…

(12-29-2020) ~ update to the update ~ The deadline for that frivolous DMCA to actually turn into a lawsuit has now expired, and so the pictures go right back up.

Instead, he and several people he actually chose to treat as real friends decided to go all-in on smearing me publicly, even going so far as to send a frivolous cease-and-desist letter and run to the LFG staff crying about how “evil" I am for wanting life, something I got sanctioned for.

Then, one evening on Grove Nation Live, ol' Tony himself shows up and seemed to have rational'ed up. We came to an agreement where he and his “crew" would publicly and personally apologize to me, and be real homies to this fighting outcast and this Great Genteel Oasis.

Unfortunately, they didn't keep their word. I brought this up to him a few days ago, and lo-n-behold – a block, then he again ran crying to the LFG staff – leading to my being ejected from the “team"… which leads me to the “team", which the astute amongst y'all has noticed is in quotation marks.

The “team" was simply not there, just as the “family" wasn't there. It was simply high-school clique crap, with me relegated to the margins the whole time – picked up only to be thrown off, for the sick pleasure of sociopathic privilege. And like any “good" sociopathic outfit, the leader, “Seneth" (pictured below, from LFG website) proceeded to attempt to absolve themself & the “team" of their failure to actually understand, care about, include, & support me, while attempting to foist blame on me for daring to not let them just take advantage of all the effort and work I was putting in for them while I got nothing but the occasional crumb from the table that I wasn't being allowed to even sit at.

It's the duty of all decent people reading this to stand firm against the hatred & discrimination both Damerst/Xage & LFG are on, and refuse to fraternize or conduct commerce with either.

To y'all – because I know y'all're gonna see this sooner or later – just know that it didn't have to come to this. But y'all's failure to bring basic elements of citizenship, class, & Humanity to the table is inexcusable and must be called.

Nonetheless, the door will always be open for y'all to apologize and truly make up for y'all's mistreatment, & be better people – in the spirit of God, Glory, and Gentility.