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MindOfAndrew: “Mind” Your Sociopathic Privilege

Thanks to mutual connections on Twitter, I recently discovered a streamer dude going by the handle “MindOfAndrew”. It quickly became obvious that this dude’s train is fully steamin’ and that he is big on “community engagement”… so, naturally, being the fighting, vocal outcast I am, decided to pull up for a li’l outreach and to share my voice and perspective. Maybe he’d be someone who’d be down to listen and bring some uplift, you know? 🙂

Oh. 🤣

In a world of Divergence, where there’s even outcasts like me in the first place, those loaded down with privilege mostly take umbrage to “peons” like me disturbing their “bubble”. They don’t get their self-esteem and happiness from positive sources like Nature, Godliness, Service, or Citizenship – they get it from having their arbitrary charmed cliques and being able to look at those of us left out/behind and point and laugh at our suffering.

He’s obviously one of them. His reaction to being given a little perspective was simply to shut it out. It’s yet another example of today’s culture of false victimhood – the idea that even if you are rollin’ high and deep, you still have any reason whatsoever to be “sad” or feel as if your life is “hard” or that you are “oppressed”. Never mind that there’s plenty of us out there who truly are oppressed – it’s THEM that are, as their ass clad in Armani underwear and Diesel jeans ride on leather seats to their homie’s house or “da club”.

Here’s some examples of Andrew’s life – in which he can apparently still be “sad”:

Yeah, right.

Andrew, count your blessin’s and quit the bitchin’. If you can’t be happy 24/7 with your charmed life… then hit me up. I’d be delighted to do a trade and take the burden of being wealthy and popular off your hands. You’re a selfish, sociopathic, spoiled P.O.S. brat who can’t be bothered to listen to the voices of the underclass or give any kind of a shxt about us.

Andrew is on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, & Instagram.