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Donut Reactions — A “Hole” of Ignorance

Please pardon the (delicious) pun.

This one’s a fairly simple case.

Here I am doing my usual daily Twitter thing, when I notice I’ve got a new DM. Needless to say, I don’t get DMs very often, so I swing on over and check. This is what I see:

Sure enough, another far-left chud didn’t like the truth I spit, and decided to toss a turd into the kitchen from outside, but didn’t dare enter for fear of having to face some actual heat (read: reality).

Next step was the $64,000 question: is this person white?

Sure ’nuff… yup, he is. Yet another undercover white supremacist promoting Black victimhood and negativity rather’n positivity… and also too dim to realize that I am literally Black, myself.

Now, for starters, I was immediately blocked so I couldn’t reply – no surprise there (see above, the paragraph immediately following the screenshot of the message), but on top of this, he’s a reaction YouTuber!

Yup. A reaction guy… who missed the, again, obvious fact I’m Black.

Here’s a newsflash for ya, kemosabe: just because someone ain’t subbing to the neo-Marxist fraud, doesn’t immediately mean they’re some racist white Klansman sitting in a trailer. They could be like me – a Black man who chooses actual manhood rather than being some whiny excuse for a man, weighing so much as to look like I’ve eaten both Golden Corral and Cici’s Pizza out of business, sitting on/in an expensive bike/car, whining about “oppression”.