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TmasOfficial/Mario Sandoval

Meet Mario Sandoval, of Nogales, Arizona. He goes by “TmasOfficial” in several forms, as well as “jorgedajungle”.

Mario is a streamer, YouTuber, gamer, and Social Darwinist.

Yes, you read that right.

As is clearly visible in these photos… dude’s quite privileged. He lacks disabilities, and is awash in nice things, family, & buddies. This, on its own, is not a bad thing – so long as you keep Harmonious while you’re at it.

Unfortunately, he comes up short on the uptake.

Social Darwinism is an ideology that, in a nutshell, applies the evolutionary concept of “natural selection” to sociology, economics, and other aspects of sapience. It teaches that people with external personal hindrances, like disabilities, and external societal hindrances, like unjustified-by-Harmony ostracism, “deserve” such; that it’s not our place to expect anything more than suffering; and that it’s all our fault despite our having no say in it and trying our best to exit it (failing to find enough others willing to bring that necessary-for-success Humanity leads to inevitable failure in this endeavor).

It teaches that those who are born into/easily obtain shallow “beauty” standards, wealth, popularity, physical strength, mental acuity, et cetera are the “strongest”, are under no obligation to care about those different or less fortunate, and indeed that us different & less fortunate are subhuman and do not even deserve existence. We “should” just submit to the “strong” and/or die off.

It comes from a severely corrupted understanding of Darwinism, often summed up as “survival of the fittest“. “Fittest” in this context, contrary to what many think, means “fit for their habitat”, not “fittest” as in the raw “strongest”.

Take a whale, for instance. Whales are very much an example of “surviving” because they’re the “fittest” – for living in salty oceans. Teleport one of those whales to, say, Downtown Oklahoma City, however, and you and that whale’d find out quickly just how that distinction about the definition of “fittest” is important, y’all.

So, some of y’all may be wondering – why, then, don’t they use their privilege to “boost” everyone to the same place so everyone can be “fit”? This is, after all, proper sapience’s way of operating – bringing mutual strengths to the table and having them all valued, working together for the good of all, reverence of Nature & God.

Well, they don’t wanna, even though they easily could. This is why ol’ Mario here refused to be a true friend to me. Rather than getting their self-esteem from a positive, Harmonious place where it’s about “having it good” shared in Harmony… peeps like him get it from a negative, Divergent place – namely, “requiring” an “other” to treat as sub-human so they can feel good about their privilege by unearned “dominance”.

Needless to say, it’s nasty stuff – so nasty, in fact, that it was used as “justification” for many, many atrocities during the 20th Century & even into the 21st, including but not limited to:

He, indeed, finally admitted such after dancing around the subject:

For some SDs, only the vague presence of that “other” is enough. But others, they want it real close. This is why Mario really, really wanted me to “be his friend” – for the sole purpose of having, for lack of a better term, a bitch, around… to bully, degrade, and occasionally pretend to care about. This is why he tried to gaslight me into staying around without a change:

If you’re drawing parallels right now between this and how a pimp/abusive partner acts… you’re justified in such. This is the same tactic they use.

Now for some examples of the kind of ugliness that comes from someone who views the disabled as subhuman:

These statements posit that because I’m unable to access “formal” employment or have a “normal” life… that I’m lazy, worthless, and subhuman. Ironically enough, if attitudes like his weren’t present, while I still couldn’t be “normal”, I’d be a lot better off. This, however, is by design – be a part of creating the “issue”, then blame the “issue” on us who it’s foisted on.

Another characteristic of SD is to create false narratives that shift blame to us for our situations, such as thinking that disabilities are like porch lights and can be “toggled” on and off – and if one doesn’t just “turn it off”, then you’re just “making excuses”:

I try my best in life. Despite my differences and difficulties, despite the ostracism, et cetera… I still put my all in, in the ways I am able to. I scrape together. I put in nothing but effort every day to fight against the tide of the severe ostracism and suppression and nonetheless find them few real peeps that are down to be homies and be the key, and build this Nation, this Oasis, this Grove… within the context of which I can GET somewhere. Sometimes I’m up 20 hours per day grinding, y’all.

But nope – to him, that’s nothing. That doesn’t count. And attitudes like his are not nearly as rare as they should be. Unable to access “formal” employment? You’re “trash”. Ain’t got an automobile? “Lazy” (when, ironically enough, it takes a lot more effort to take a bus/train and/or ride a bike/motorbike than drive a car). So on, so forth…


Let’s have a look at the hostility brought on when a Harmonious outcast stands up for themselves:

It’s common for SDs to, above all, value brute strength over everything else, even virtually. If one’s skill-set is elsewhere… too bad. It “don’t count”. Keep in mind that even the other species of primate don’t tend to be as simple as these people.


Psychological projection sometimes factors in along with the toxicity:


I look just fine, & my Swanky Boys definitely agree – but, according to him, Bell’s palsy = subhuman trait. Only the “conventionally” attractive are actually human, in his view.


and, finally…

The aforementioned is a dismissal of the ugliness/negativity based on the fact the interaction is in a video game.

This is an informal logical fallacy that, to my knowledge, remains unnamed, but I propose a name: argumentum ad visneto – or, in English, “argument to venue”.

Argumentum ad visneto is when one dismisses inhumanity or other wrongs by claiming that it “doesn’t count” due to the location of the event.


  • In the context of MMOs: “I’m under no obligation to be a decent human being; this is just a video game.” – Despite the fact that, by their very nature, MMOs feature real human beings behind the avatars (& even wanton cruelty to NPCs is, sometimes, when combined with other ugliness, a red flag)
  • In the context of reform schools: “This is <insert name of school here>, we’re here to ‘bang, not learn!” – Despite the fact that it’s, indeed, still a school; a school whose purpose is to facilitate a course-correction in life.

This ties into a greater falsehood that the internet is somehow “separate” from “real life”, despite that never actually being really true (even in the early days), and getting further and further from the truth as the internet becomes more and more ingrained into basically every facet of daily life.

The internet is, indeed, part of “real life” – the “cyber” space is merely another medium of real life. That’s why the accurate term to use when talking about offline interaction is to use “physical realm”, rather than “real life”, “IRL”, etc, as the latter implies such a separation.

Like, when you’re, say, interacting on Discord with friends in the area you also physically hang with, is that not “real life”? When you donate to a campaign to build a school in another country, is that not “real life”? Trying to draw a line is arbitary. It’s all “real life”.

The Hall of Cupidity here is where to be aware of nasty people, and now you’re aware of another one.

As with any of the “featured” “lovelies”, they may deprecate their entries by turning around and getting on the right track with Nature. All use of copyrighted material is in line with fair use & all featured here are public figures. God bless the First Amendment.

Mario’s socials and outlets: