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#RBStormStalkers – Let’s Talk Turkey – Southern Plains Severe Outlook, Sun-Mon, Oct 10-11, 2021 – Liveblog

As Sunday starts, expect a low to form in the southern High Plains right over the Panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, which will fire up storms late morning in the greater region. It’ll even snow in the higher elevations on the western fringes of the system in North Central New Mexico and South Central Colorado.


Liveblog - #RBStormStalkers – Thu, Sep 30-Fri, Oct 1, 2021 – Storminess for Texas – Liveblog

Here in Fort Worth, things are actually quite calm right now. It’s mostly wall-to-wall sunshine… but that’ll quickly change.

At the moment, there’s a “tropical” wave of showers and storms traveling North from the Texas Gulf Coast (main direction S to N)… a low/cold-front wave currently storming from just east of Wichita Falls, draped down […]

Liveblog - #RBStormStalkers – North Texas Weather Liveblog – September 28-29, 2021

#NorthTexas #Weather Situation – Tuesday, Sep 28, 2021:

Warm & more humid with a nice change – namely, a return to some active weather here in the region. Scattered showers & storms have become the thing in the southwestern part of the region. This activity will spread NE over the rest of the evening, expand, […]

#PC2 StormStalkers – #HurricaneIda ‘The Lowdown’

~+~+~+~+~ #HurricaneIda Update – PC2 StormStalkers ~+~+~+~+~

The Point-By-Point:

Ida’s outer bands are already starting to impact the Gulf Coast from Louisiana on East to #Florida’s West Coast. #TropicalStorm force winds have already started in extreme SE Louisiana. The eye of Ida is gonna make landfall SW of New Orleans Sunday (this upcoming) evening local […]

Liveblog - #PC2StormStalkers – Two Rounds for North Texas – Sun, Jul 11, 2021 – Liveblog

Round 1 marches in! North to South, across the region, y’all already getting or will get heavy rain, gusty winds, and plenty of lightning for this late night turning into Sunday morning. Marginally severe winds are possible. This’ll push out by mid-morning, leading to a quiet late morning and very early afternoon, at which […]

Liveblog - #PC2StormStalkers – Wed, Jul 7, 2021 – Tropically Steamy in North Texas – liveblog

#DFW! Ready for another beautiful, warm, steamy day?!

Isolated storms’ve bubbled & will persist regionwide thru ☀️set. Hvy rain, lightning are the potentials. Main direction will be East-West. Be ready just in case you get a shower!

Stay tuned to PC2 (Discord, especially) + good sources. The PC2 Trackers’ Hub opens soon, y’all! #dfwwx #ntxwx […]