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Ella French


Antifa Tactics: Distraction/Downplay

A common Antifa tactic, cribbed right from the Soviet Union’s playbook, is to dismiss violent incidents by distracting to a small portion of such, in hopes the whole picture falls into the memory hole.


  • The infamous assault against Andy Ngo is frequently dismissed as “just a milkshake”, and ‘jokes’ about such from ‘tifas is common. Interestingly, they fail to note that the milkshake was doctored with hazardous materials, and direct punches – featuring brass knuckles – were thrown during the same attack.
  • The orgy of barbarism that was Summer ’20 is often dismissed as “just looting a Target”, as if it was some disciplined, limited thing. But nope – nationwide carnage is obvious when the big picture’s looked at.

Specific Examples

The gaslighters behind the “Eat the Rich Podcast” posted this:

Note how this violent terrorist attack involved the pouring of gasoline on an occupied automobile… but they focus on the eggs, with a childish non-argument. This is deliberate.

Links of Shame