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#PC2S2: #Dfwwx

We're seeing a few teeny little showers pop up in southwestern Tarrant and North Central Johnson county. This activity will continue through sunset. Expect just a brief moderate rain if one approaches you.
in others news: the sky is blue, water is wet, & ursine-variety mammals void their digestive systems' waste products in sylvan environments


#PC2S2 #Weather - Sunday, Sep 5, 2021

Pleasantly warm across the Lower 48, with the exception of a quite cool Appalachia and Northeast and a hot Southwest.

Expect stormy weather from the deep Southwest over to the Southeast, parts of the Central Plains, and along and East of the Mississippi. No organized severe weather expected, though strong to marginally severe storms can be expected in spots, especially in the South.

This morning is a great example of "sometimes the outlier is right" and to the fallibility of being only human. A lesson for yours truly.

The cold front sliding through North Texas right now was expected by most models to pass dry. Only one really said "there will be a storm cluster". I didn't even bother to account for it in my forecast.

"Eh. The conditions aren't right... That doesn't look right... I'll not even bother mentioning the possibility, as it's so remote."

Sure enough, I just got awoken by this... 🤣

#c2wx #pc2s2 #txwx #dfwwx #dfw #weather #fortworth #dallas
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September 11, 2001. #NeverForget.

It's been 20 years. I remember that day vividly. Those of us who were around then - I think we basically all do.

We will not let the memory of the innocent lives taken & destroyed fade, nor let evil off the hook. Ever.

America. These United States.

I'm proud to be of this great Nation. Sure, we've had our faults (plenty of them), but (a) who ain't?, & (b) it's about learning from mistakes, correcting course, refusing to wallow in the past/pity, & striving for a bright future. We've done a dang good job of that for decades now. (Negativity's tryna reverse that these days, though, so don't let that guard down, y'all)

The hateful & evil can try to destroy us, but we ain't going anywhere.